Report: Lama Pilgrimage 2008

Dear family,

What a joy it is to return to Lama and Murshid’s gravesite.

Firstly, the Lama beans were wonderful and supportive, and they made it easy for us oldsters to sing and dance and walk at 8,000 feet plus. Many of them joined us for our processions up the Mountain, and for our evening programs. In addition, they preserved the grave-cloth from Moineddin Chisti, so we could once again place it on Murshid’s gravesite and re-connect their energies.

Over 45 (full & part time) of us gathered to celebrate our connection. As usual, there was zikr, walks, healing ritual, dancing, tea, sufi chi gong, homework, bedtime stories, Ram Nam, prayers, and our greatly anticipated frolicking amidst the new greenery.

Many thanks to Elaine & Habbib for their spectacular Thai dinner; to Rabia for holding the kitchen in such love; to Azima for taking on the organization of the dances in the evening, and for her presentation on the Mayan calender; to Elaine for leading the Shabbos; to Mansur for his presentation of his new book on Shamcher Beorse (his life and work with alternative energy); to Asha for her practice on realizing one’s Intuition and for her wonderful evening of Zikr; to Nasruddin for his evening laughter session; to Siddiq & Sakina for their daily offering of Tea; to Murad for his daily offering of Sufi Chi Gong, and for his powerful zikr practice; to Noel for bringing the Heart of Hanuman to the Mountain; and finally, the Lama musicians and dance leaders, especially Austin, who pitched in and helped make our evenings so juicy and full.

I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone’s offerings. So many people helped. Thank you all.

One small picture of our pilgrimage to share:

We all gathered around the gravesite, after a slow and measured walk up – fabulously led by Siddiq von Brissen. A number of us laid the cloth from Moineddin Chisti’s tomb over the grave, and we all sang Zuleikah’s song to Murshid Sam – “Shakur Allah, Shakur”. We then recited the prayer Pir, visualizing Murshid Sam. What a rush

The best news is that Lama is alive and well, and that Murshid’s gravesite is protected and safe.

Our visit generated over $12,000. net profit for Lama, with an additional $3,200. ($1,600 from us plus a special matching anonymous gift of $1,600) to be used in 2 areas: 1. A portable canvas shade to be used as removable shade over the maqbara, and the rest to be used to preserve Lama’s existing buildings (which are in dire need of re-mudding).

All in all a wonderful time was had by all.

Next year we are considering a retreat just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The price is certainly right on – about $65 per day, including 3 meals. And, we have a committee which is actively pursuing the layout and ground plans of this offering. A group evening with Cirque de Soleil is only one possibility. Wow

I send all my love and blessings

yours in Service to the Real