DHO Dates for the Next 3 Years

Dear family:

Ramadan Mu Barrak!

Firstly, many thanks for all those who participated in our survey. It was very helpful in shaping our future events. So, here’s the decision: We’ll plan on TWO meetings in 2012:

2012 – June 17-22 – Portland. It will be cooler than Virginia, and the ground will be easier to maneuver around on. Also, we did have a great gathering there a couple of years back. Costs – double rooms-$92, singles-$115, triples-$73 — per night.

2012 – September 6-9 – Charlottesville – a long weekend amidst the Fall foliage and cool weather…this will be at the Bon Retreat Center – Serenity Ridge. (Approx PRICE DATA) Costs – $70-$100 per day for residential, and $45 per day for commuters. We’re in negotiations for adding desserts, so there may be a slight increase in the fee.

2013 – June (dates-to be arranged). Lama – start your strengthening exercises, and your chlorophyll supplements now.

2014 – June (dates-to be arranged). Mt Shasta. Our work there is not yet finished, and we hope to go a few days later, so that we can have Panther Meadows snow free.

More data as time and information flow permits.

For reservations: Jude Sargent

We’ll need down payments for Portland and Charlottesville, so any deposits will be helpful – I’ve already sent mine in.

Looking forwards to seeing you amidst the tall trees…

all blessings