Peter Berg’s Celebration

Dear family,

am just back from Peter Berg’s Celebration of Life in San Francisco, and wanted to share a bit of the experience with you.

Firstly, many thanks to Michael and Susan, who sheltered me, fed me and drove me around. Ya Shakur!

The Saturday evening Celebration was at a small private museum in the midst of the city. Created to teach the local children just how the Bay Area was before human alteration, it was a perfect place for the event.

The event was filmed, so Inshallah! we’ll have some record of the proceedings.

What I learned:

One speaker gave a most interesting contribution: He said that the philosophy of Anarchy has always been built around systems, and that Peter’s contribution has been to add two very important (and non system) components – one was the addition of ‘place specific’ – and the other was to include all the other native life in the area as a part of the community. This, of course, goes hand in hand with Bioregionalism.

Sunday night, we gathered at the beach to build fire and watch the sun set.

Somehow, I felt Peter’s approval.

all blessings


p.s. as if by magic, today’s mail included a thank you letter from the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, acknowledging and thanking us for our financial gift. We already had a thank you from Meals on Wheels. Many thanks to all who helped make this possible – especially our ‘woman on the ground’ Mary Beth Granberry, and our ‘beloved recorder of pertinent data’ Jude Sargent.