West Coast DHO Gathering 2012

Dear family,

A most Happy New Year.

May we all be blessed with Peace, Joy, Good Health, and the Prosperity of Spirit.

I leave for our German meeting at Haus Shneda this Monday, and wanted this sent before I depart. Please do light a candle for me.

Our June gathering is upcoming, so, here are the details:


“The veil of Isis is this same sky of Malakut, and when once that is penetrated, the Goddess is beheld in all Her glory.”

— Murshid Sam, commentaries on the Bowl of Saki – January 3rd

Theme:  Honoring the Great Mother — from the Goddess to the Crone

Place:  Collins Retreat Center – one hour South of Portland, Oregon

Dates:  June 17 (Sunday dinner) to June 22 (Friday lunch) – 5 nights.

Costs:  Total Camp – $475 for doubles — $375 for triples — $575 for singles – per  person, including meals. Total cost for those who will be staying elsewhere, but joining us for meetings and meals, is $287.50. However, $200 will hold your place. As usual, checks can be made out to Jude.

Visit the Alton Collins website: for site information, including transportation.

In addition, the Portland International Airport site – includes ground transportation information. Ask Jude for more ground transportation information.

Teaching Crew:
Saul & Ananda, Mariam, Najat, Aslan, Sarfaraz, Murad, Mansur Johnson, Siddiq & Sakina, Azima, Nasruddin, Rabbi Pam, Heather, Fadhilla, Michael Endlich, Farida Fox, Jude, Richard Mann.

Registration: Jude
Camp organizer: Murad

Program:  We shall offer both formal and informal teachings, practices and transmissions.

There will be sohbet, the healing ritual, breath practice, meditation, formal tea, laughter as a tool, the alchemy of jewels and stones, choir, dances & walks, dream work, yoga, Sufi qi gong, stories, zikr, bed time stories and our usual frolicking amongst the trees.

Please note:  Staff receives neither reimbursement nor honorarium, and pays full fees.

Looking forwards to our yearly gathering.

Sending all my blessings and prayers for a wondrous 2012.

yours in Service to the Real,

hakim sauluddin
charlottesville, virginia
january 2012