East Coast DHO Gathering 2012

Honoring the Great Mother – from the Goddess to the Crone

“The veil of Isis is this same sky of Malakut, and when once that is penetrated, the Goddess is beheld in all Her glory.”

— Murshid Sam, commentaries on the Bowl of Saki – January 3rd

Dates: Sept. 6 (Thursday dinner) to Sept. 9 (Sunday lunch)

Place: Serenity Ridge Retreat Center – near Charlottesville, Virginia.
Visit their website for site information, including transportation.

Ground transportation: Hadi

Costs: Total Camp – $210-465/per person, including meals.
Pricing Details (click here)

Total cost for those who will be staying elsewhere, but joining us for meetings and meals, is $150.

However, $100 will hold your place. As usual, checks can be made out to Jude.

Teaching Crew: Saul Barodofsky, Ananda Cronin, Asha Greer, Farrunnissa Lila Rosa, Latifa Jennifer Till, Murad Finkelstein

Registration: Jude
Camp organizer: Murad
Camp manager: Hadi

Program: We shall offer both formal and informal teachings, practices and transmissions. There will be sohbet, the healing ritual, breath practice, meditation, presentation of the Goddess work, formal tea, dances & walks, dream work, Sufi qi gong, stories, zikr, bed time stories and our usual frolicking amongst the trees.

Please note: Staff receives neither reimbursement nor honorarium, and pays full fees.

Looking forwards to our east coast gathering.

Sending all my blessings and prayers.

yours in Service to the Real

hakim sauluddin
charlottesville, virginia
may 2012