Report: DHO Portland – June 2012

Dear family,

Mashallah! We’ve been having yearly gathering since 1973, and this one was spectacular.

So many thanks to all those who helped make it all possible. Especially to Jude & Murad for their exceptional organizing skills, and dedicated loving service.

Camp was full: with a fantastic staff, great food, great practices, and a great setting.  All this plus cool weather, and tall trees.  What a joy.

Our theme was “Honoring the Great Mother – from the Goddess to the Crone”, and all of our practices, dances, walks, and zikrs were  dedicated to Her:

From tonal invocations to Mother Kali & Ashura, to walks & dances in Her honor, to ‘home-work’ working with Kwan Yin, to Ananda offering Zuleika’s zikr of the Feminine Divine Attributes and a Bon meditation, to Farida Fox sharing her “Charge of the Goddess,” to Akshura’s acupressure training, to Sarfaraz’s practice on the intuitition, to Aziza’s dream work, to Mariam Baker’s million bead tashbi zikr, to Fadhilla’s meta meditation, to Michael Endlich’s gift of 100 super high energy crystals, to Najat’s beginning our day with a special  ‘retreat’ concentration, to Aslan’s choir and dances, to Nasruddin’s laugh-a-thon, to Mansur Johnson’s walk of Murshid doing Mian Mir, to Siddiq & Sakina holding our formal tea space and doing an early morning sit, to Richard Mann’s morning yoga and Murad’s Sufi Qigong, to Heather Hoppe’s offering of the original breathing practices of Hazrat Inayat Khan, to Noel’s bringing forth the presence of Hanuman.  And so much more.

What a non-stop offering of so many hearts, with so much love and blessings to share.  Please forgive me if I have forgotten to mention anyone

We even celebrated the Sabbath. Rabbi Pam led us in the celebration of Shabbos, which was an invocation and celebration of the Shechina (the Divine Feminine in Judaism).

What a rush!  What a joyous presentation of Divinity.  So many different zikrs.   And, we even raised $1,300 for the Lama Dome.


{Remember June 17 – 23, 2013 – Lama DHO – start your green drinks now.}


The Divine Feminine Energy will next be manifested this September in our East Coast DHO gathering: DHO Charlottesville, September 6th to 9th.

“Honoring The Great Mother:  Aspects of The Goddess, from the Maiden to the Crone.”

Once again we shall open ourselves to Her Grace and attempt to channel Her Beneficence, and Loving Compassion.

This September our crew shall include Asha von Briesen (Tea), Ananda Cronin (Zikr), Farrunnissa Rosa (Invocation of the Goddess), Murad Finkelstein (Sufi Chi Gung), Latifa Till (Dance), Saul Barodofsky (Healing Ritual & Walks), Shariffa Oppenheimer, plus Hadi Hunter (Camp Manager) – and others not yet confirmed.

Please contact Jude Sargent

Our setting will be the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  Location is Serenity Ridge, a Bon Retreat Center.

The local community welcomes ya’ll.

And, Heather Hoppe is almost ready to ‘unveil’ our all new and improved DHO web site.  More on this soon.

All blessings,

hakim sauluddin for the DHO
July 11, 2012
Charlottesville Virginia