Report: DHO Calistoga – 2002

Dear Family and Friends,

This is an auspicious day to write a report on our June Gathering of the Dervish Healing Order – being the birthday of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and the day after our country’s birthday.

Firstly, it was a warm and wonderful gathering. The entire country was represented: North, South, East, West – and all the parts in between.

Around 45 of us gathered in Calistoga – both full time and part time – the weather was warm and the pools were fantastic. Of course the food was yummy, and the folks that served us were very special. Murshid’s presence was palpable, and a great time was had by all.

Some highlights:

Pir Shabda (and Tamam) were our honored guests, and led us in practices – Shabda spoke of the importance of self-less service, and acknowledged our work. Tamam shared a practice she had experienced in Morocco, and recalled her part in the very first Healing Camp (1973), when she was in charge of the childrens camp. WOW! And, Thank you both.

Tui & Bonnie joined us for 2 days, and stayed for a day more. It was wonderful to have Bonnie back with the family again. Watching Tui doing the walks in his motorized cart was fantastic.

Fatima Lassar headed the Friday evening program, and shared with us the newest incarnation of her “Sifat Bingo.” The newest one is called S.A.M. Bingo, and is much more inclusive – and was loads of fun. She gave away great prizes too, and recounted some priceless S.A.M. stories.

Anna Farishta from St. Louis, brought a video of Baba Ram Dass’s “Fierce Grace.” His recounting of his personal struggle after his stroke, was deeply moving. There was also some great scenes from his earlier life – just to put things in perspective. It also had footage from the movie Sun Seed, with the Sufi Choir singing. Not only did we love the film, but our hosts at Mt Home Ranch loved it too.

And, there was our usual frivolity amongst the trees: Asha led silent meditation, Siddiq & Zakina served Tea, Aslan (Scott) had choir, Morad led Chi Gong, we had the Healing Ritual each morning, walks in the afternoon, and dancing at night (thanks Aslan). A lot of personal healing that took place. Once again the waters worked their magic.

Ya Shakur. Ya Shaffee. Ya Kaffee.

There was also a preliminary meeting of the people who were interested in the spiritual aspects of death and dying. Many folks who worked in Hospice, or were just interested in the process, have made a decision to investigate re-constituting the work done in the ancient mystery schools, and their focus on “the Rights of Passage: Birth, Coming of Age, First Orgasms, parenthood, & Death.” It is written that one walks with the dying to the gate. Jean Pierre is setting up an interactive bulletin board for those who are interested. Please contact Jean Pierre if interested:

A) Missing were a men’s and a women’s gathering – next time.
B) An all-new bed time story – Aladdin & The Magic Lamp.
C) More guest teachers
D) Next year on the East Coast: the group decided that our 2003 gathering will be on the East Coast – should be around the same time – more on this soon.

All love and Blessings,
hakim sauludddin