Report: DHO Haus Shneda – May 2003

Beloved ones of God,

This past month we celebrated our 19th annual gathering in Germany.  Alhamdulliah!
There were over 100 of us: 80 plus adults, and over 20 children.  We came from Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, and of course the USA.

Kaliph David Dalley (celebrating his 10th year of teaching in Germany) led us in ecstatic dances, Sheikh Aslan Scott Sattler directed the choir, Sheikha Ananda Cronin offered heart sung zikr, and yours truly led us in the spiritual walks.  The Healing Ritual was shared daily amongst the local conductors.    It is heart warming to see the ritual so well established in Germany. Ya Kalbi!

This was a family camp, with mostly returning participants, but there were some new comers.  Its always amazing to me how quickly they adapt to our energy stream.

Each day we had the absent healing ritual, sung zikr, choir, spiritual walks, dancing and a bedtime story.  The response to our evening homework was powerful and very moving.

For the first time we had a woman’s and a men’s meeting.  This was well received and seemingly very needed.  Speaking for the men, more than one adult male expressed deep gratitude in feeling, for the first time, their place as a man amidst the company of other men.  The women created a chalice of energy to sing the zikr of the prophetesses, and then did their walks.  Ya Shakur Allah!  Truly, Murshid Sam’s spiritual walks have found a responsive home in Europe.

One of the many highlights of the gathering was a group phone call to our Godparents Hidayat & Aziza. (With thanks to Puran for the use of his cell phone.)  We sang “Happy Shneda Day to You”.  It was very sweet and very moving. Hidayat is recovering from an operation to his hand, and is doing very well.  Ya Shaffee. Ya Kaffee.

The food, of course, was fabulous.  May is white asparagus season in North Germany, and our fantastic cook (Siggy) outdid himself.  (It’s a lot of work to hand peal asparagus) And the breads, and fresh baked rolls, and the great local cheeses.  Too bad we had to come home.

Inshallah!  When Subhan Michael Spencer photos come out, we look forwards to another great
exhibition on our web site.

And, a very special thanks to our translating staff:  Shemsuddin Jukoff, Kalipha Brita Anapurna, and Ram Dass.  And, very special thanks to our registrar and camp organizers Martin and Bakti Kuchler.  Ya Shakur. Ya Shakur. Ya Shakur.  To you all.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Alhamdulliah!  Next year is our 20th year of bringing Murshid Sam to Europe.  Our Jubilee Gathering will be in May 2004.  And, don’t forget Prague in September of this year (2003).

I send you all my love and blessings, and my prayer that God grants you the highest manifestation of Gods Plan for you.  May it come soon.

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin

June 7, 2003  Charlottesville, Virginia