Report: Pan European Camp – June-July 2003

Most beloved of God,

This was the first time that the majority of the Ruhaniate’s “Most Senior Teachers” participated as teaching staff at a European Camp. Even better, we were joined by our Pir, Shabda Kahn. And, most of the Shiekhs/Shiekhas and Kaliphs/Kaliphas from Europe. A very powerful teaching crew indeed.

The scene was very lovely, with good food (too much pork), great cheeses, fine weather, and a wonderful extra large main hall for dancing and our All Camp Classes.

A note of acknowledgment to Saadi for being a masterful “Master of Ceremonies,” to Shabda for holding the post so well, to Fatima for her Darshan (ala Murshid) to the whole assemblage, to Mariam for presenting Frieda’s (and Moineddin’s) work so effortlessly, and to Kamae for her strength and presence. Ya Shakur Allah.

It was wonderful to be with our German and Russian families again (so soon) and, to meet our family from the British Isles. Inshallah! There shall be more interactions.

The one scene that stands out in my heart is the “Russian Room”: Seems that the folks from the former Soviet Union all decided to bunk together – one large room, and about 25 plus folks. A raucous party. It grew so loud one night I went over to ask them to tone it down. I knocked and was pulled into their circle. I immediately had Russian’s all over me, hugging and sitting on me and bathing me is so much love I could only stay and drink it in. Alhamdulliah! Or, as Murshid would have said – “That’ll teach you.”

What with the “high” I experienced from Shneda in May, the juice from this camp put me over the top, and I remained exalted and heart centered all through Turkey. Naturally I bought too many rugs.

I look forwards to seeing you all at next years (2004) DHO Gathering at Mt Home Resort in the No. California Wine Country – June 22 to 27.
2 Swimming pools, great food & frivolity amidst the trees.
Contact: Jennifer Avian

And, Don’t Forget Our Upcoming Events:


September in Prague – DHO Europe – September 12-14
October in Seattle – Murshids Meeting and JAM – October 20-26


February in Shneda – DHO in Europe – February 27-29
May in Shneda – our Jubilee Gathering – Celebrating 20 Years – May 17-23
April in Europe – Ruhaniate JAM (April 9-11) Federation (April 15-17)
June at Mt. Home in Northern California – June 22-27

I send you all my love and blessings –

Yours in service to the real
– hakim saul