Three Reports

Dear family,

It’s certainly been a busy summer for us all. There was our 26th yearly meeting at Haus Shneida (North Germany), followed by the Federation meeting in The Netherlands, and then our annual DHO gathering for the USA – this time just outside of Portland, Oregon.

It feels right to share some impressions from 3 of these meetings. I hope the flavor transmits.


This years meeting at Shneida was well attended and very powerful. They just keep getting better. In addition to all our usual fun and frolicking, we had a new bed time story, and a new series of ‘home work’ assignments using the jewels in the centers. The walks continue to develop and grow, as do our German family. Aslan did great job with the dances and the choir (of course) was inspired. Subhan brought a book of his photos from last year’s gathering – how we have all grown and deepened over the past many years. Wonderful to see the teachings take hold in Germany. May the Message of God reach far and wide!


As you have already heard , the Federation Meeting was a loving festival of friends and family. The Sufi Movement (and Sufi Way) were our hosts, and they did a wonderful job of making everyone feel welcome and included into our larger Inayati family.

Our Pir, Shabda Khan, did a fabulous job of holding the energy, and we honored our living ‘elders’ during the meeting. It was very sweet (and long over due) to see the whole group acknowledge and honor Hidayat, Aziza and Karimbaksch. The American contingent included Shabda, myself, Jean Pierre, Aslan and Subhan. It was inspiring to feel our combined Ruhaniat energy within the group.

Inshallah! Next meeting we hope to have our “Lineage Board” operational again –
and show all the leaders of all the orders surrounding Hazrat Inayat Khan.

There was more dancing then usual (which was a treat) and in addition, we had zikrs, walks, morning ragas, reading from the Gathas, commentaries, and an adaptation of one of Hazrat Inayat Khans plays. {I got to play the ‘evil’ magician who attempts to lead the multitudes astray with his magnetism, and his promises of wealth, power, sex, etc.}

Next year (2010) is the 100 year anniversary of Hazrat Inayat Khans coming to the West. All our many activities in all orders will be dedicated to this seminal event, with multi-order activities all over the world – including the Urse in Delhi, and20our 2010 Federation Gathering – which will be hosted by the Ruhaniat just outside of San Francisco – April 28th to May 2nd.

This 2010 meeting of the Federation is being planned to be a Teaching Meeting -open to all of the family, and will feature teachings by the heads of the various Inayati Orders. What a great idea! I can’t wait.


Our Portland meeting was full…Mashallah! It was a treat to see all our American family again, and to join together in prayer and celebration. Folks were there from all over the USA – from west coast to east coast – north and south – The chapel where we met was filled with high energy, and the grounds spoke of loving care. It was a great place to meet and pray together.

I would like to share an extended sample of the meeting:

Najat opened our mornings with a retreat concentration for the day, using the concentrations from the 5 points of the star; Heather Hoppe did an afternoon program of detailing one’s Karma and Dharma walks which was well received. Mansur Johnson led us in morning prayers and made a presentation on the new book he is working on. Fadilla led a class in Meta Meditation, Sarafraz led a gathering on working with what nourishes one, Nasruddin graced us with a comedy break, Mansur & Khadija led us in an evening zikr (with help from Murad). Aslan led us in dances and choir, Michael Endlich brought samples of different jewels for his offering on amulets and amulet making, Azima Lila Forrest led a dream meeting, and helped me with the dream work. Murad led his class on Sufi Qi Gong, and we attempted a general sohbet after the healing ritual…I felt this sohbet went very well, and allowed everyone who wished to, be heard and participate.

We also did the tassawuri walks, and although Noel and Carol were not with us physically, his walk of Hanuman was chosen by a number of folks to do as an offering…sometimes ones presence transends the physical. Alhamdulliah!

There were also a number of young folks who joined us – including Jeniffer Avians 2 daughters and their young men, and Heathers 2 daughters and their young men. It was great to see them again. Laura Avian made the comment that she has never missed one of our meetings. What a sweetheart. All in all a great time was had by all. We also raised over $1,000. To be donated to Lama…am still awaiting the final figures.

Next year at Lama (2010) & the following year on Mt Shasta (2011):

we are awaiting conformation from Lama on the dates – it will be the latter part of June, and in addition, how our 2008 donation for a removable sun roof over the Maqbara is doing.

AND, to those who wish a more comfortable sleeping envir onment at Lama, there are a couple of motels in near-by Questa which are not expensive, clean and can be used as sleeping quarters.



This September, Mark (Muj) Havel and myself are planning on being in Russia. Inshallah! And Khadija Goforth has suggested a DHO meeting in Seattle just prior to the Jamiat Khas in November.

I send all my love and blessings and my prayers that Allah gives us all the ‘Basir’ we need to see our path clearly, and the ‘Aziz’ to follow it with joy – Alhamdulliah!

Yours in service to the real

hakim sauluddin
Charlottesville, Virginia
July 22, 2009