DHO 2010 at Lama Foundation

Dear family,

Lama in June is upcoming (June 20-26), and although the DHO (Dervish Healing Order) is noted for being last minute – I do encourage you to get your registration in to Lama early.

As for money, even if you can only send in a deposit, than please do so.

($375 for all 6 days or $70 per day)

“Remember” is one of the most wonderful teachings that Lama has given us.

So, I encourage you all to “Remember”!

And do remember to send in your registration…
(575) 586-1269

We shall have our usual fun and frolicking amidst the new trees, all our usual joy; Plus the Maqbara!

A fabulous place to process to, and to pray and walk and dance around. Remember Zikr at the Maqbara!

Elaine has said she will again do Shabbos. Plus juice and transmission from Mansur Johnson, Mariam Baker, Siddiq von Brissen, Murad Finkelstein, Sarfaraz Knight, Aslan Sattler, Azima Lila Forest, Eddie Greenberg & Michael Endlich (amongst others).

I look forwards to seeing you on the Mountain again.

More instructions and news will be sent to those who are registered.

Sending all love and blessings.


Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin