Murshid SAM’s 33 Urs: A Remembrance

One of the wonderful things about being in the presence of a great teacher is how they can turn each and every interaction into an opportunity for the student to “catch the teaching.”

Of course, the lesson the student “needs” will vary with the student. In my case, I was needful of humility. Read on:

It was the late spring of 1970, as I recall. Murshid had been complaining about needing help around his San Francisco house on Precita, so as a willing mureed I showed up early to help.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked him. “Well,” he answered, “you’re the first here. There is dust everywhere. Start cleaning it up.”

So, I started in his bedroom, and somehow I was like a whirlwind — only very careful and very well organized. After a half hour, not only was his bedroom done, but I had finished the front room, and the dining room-library. I was just starting in the kitchen, when he came in from the backyard, and saw how much I had done (and how well). I was very proud of my self and my efforts.

“Stop!” he said. “You won’t leave anything to do for those who are still coming.”

“Yes Murshid,” I answered. And, as a “good boy,” I didn’t offer to mess things up again.

Happy 33rd Urs day Murshid. So many thanks for all the blessings and the greatness of spirit you shared with us so freely.

Ya Shakur Allah!

yours in service to the real,
hakim saul

DHO Letter: A Few Thoughts for the Starting of 2004

Beloved Ones of God,

A few thoughts for the starting of 2004.

As we begin something, it tends to be less fixed, and more open to our influence. Thus, the beginning of a year offers us a unique opportunity to shape our interaction with it.

I suggest that we begin with focusing clearly on just what we wish this year to offer us: Inner Peace, Health, Happiness, Prosperity of Spirit, an End to War and Hostility, etc.

Take this concentration into your daily practice, and reinforce it with prayers, wazifas, visualizations and “seed thoughts.” Connect your own daily practice with this concentration, so that you do not view it as separate, but rather, as an integral part of your spiritual regimen.

Begin your practice by asking for help. Remember that we are not alone, and that our initiation links us with all the Illuminated Souls — especially our Founders — Hazrat Inayat Khan and Murshid Samuel L. Lewis.

And, speaking of Murshid S.A.M. — 2004 is his 33rd Urs Year. In other words, it has been 33 years since he danced away from his body. This year is a perfect time to renew our initiation, and to honor his many gifts to us.

33 Beads: A Pilgrimage to Murshid S.A.M.
Celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of his passing.
Friday July 9th to Wednesday July 14th 2004

Dear friends, family, and Lovers of Remembrance.

This year the Dervish Healing Order will host an OPEN GATHERING at the Lama Foundation. It has been 33 years since Murshid S.A.M. danced out of his body, and it is a fitting time and place to honor and remember the many blessings which flowed through him.

We shall offer a heart-felt spectrum of the many transmissions he so freely gave to us:

From “Sufi Dancing” and the Walks of the Prophets, to the “Zikr” of Swami Papa Ramdas, and the Heart Sutra (through Roshi Nyogen Senzaki).

There shall be Healing Rituals, the formal prayers of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and the singing of the Zikr of the heart by Sam’s grave site (the Maqbara). There will be fabulous vegetarian feasting, and, of course, our usual frolicking amongst the new trees. All Lovers of God are welcome to join with us.

Teaching Staff are all senior teachers in both the Dervish Healing Order, and the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Many teach and have students world wide.

This is an Open Pilgrimage, and all are welcome. Fees are only $300. (5 days at $60. per day.) And, all monies will go to the Lama Foundation — staff receive neither reimbursement nor honorariums.

Lama Foundation is an intentional spiritual community, which Murshid S.A.M. supported, and where he is buried.

For registration and more information, please contact: Jennifer

In addition to the Lama Pilgrimage, 2004 also marks our 20th consecutive year of bringing Murshid to Germany, and our 10th year in St. Petersburg, Russia. WOW!

I send you all my love and blessings and prayers for the continued health and growth of our spiritual family.

Yours in Service to the Real,

See you on the Mountain.
Hakim Sauluddin
January 7, 2004