Audio file of a Talk by Saul

Hakim Sauluddin gave a great talk at the SRI leadership meeting last fall, and by request I’m posting it on the Web for listening or downloading.

Here’s the link:

TO HEAR THE MP3 FILE WITHOUT SAVING: Click the MP3 file name above to download as one big audio file. Then you can just “open” the file and your computer should start playing it. You’ll probably see a window with ‘Play’, ‘Pause’ and ‘Rewind’ etc buttons on it, these should help.

TO DOWNLOAD THE MP3 FILE AND SAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER: On a PC in Windows, right-click the MP3 file name above and select ‘Save as …’. Or on a Mac I believe this is done by clicking while holding the Control key. Now either (1) the file will download to your usual downloads folder (possibly the desktop, so you see it on the startup screen) … OR (2) you’ll be given a choice what folder to save it in. Later you can navigate to that folder and click to open it, and it will play; OR you can put it on a CD (holds up to about 70 minutes) using your favorite CD burning program; or transfer it to a portable MP3 player.

Much love to all     — Abdul Shaffee

DHO 2008 Announcement

The Dervish Healing Order presents:

A Pilgrimage to Murshid SAM

Where: Lama Foundation, above Taos, New Mexico.
When: June 23rd (Monday) to June 29th (Sunday) 2008.
Cost: $375. For all 6 days – or, $70 each day for part-timers.
Theme: Oracles and the Oracular function.
Registration: Contact Lama directly –
Or, if there is a problem:


Prophecy and the Spirit of Guidance are an integral part of the spiritual path. Murshid SAM especially encouraged a greater awareness of this “gift” amongst his students, some of whom were given initiations and spiritual titles which recognized and promoted this inner work.In addition to opening these “inner doorways”™: We shall Remember, eat, pray, sing, dance, walk, chant, process, do rituals together, and of course continue our legendary frolicking amongst the trees.

Please note: This is a benefit for Lama. All monies collected go to the Lama Foundation. Staff receives neither honorarium nor reimbursement, and pays full camp fee.

I send all my love and blessings, and my prayer that we all receive the very best that Allah can bestow upon us.

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin