Happy Birthday Murshid

Dear ones,

let’s make sure we celebrate by eating some ice cream in his honor.

I remember after after one of his weekly Marin meetings, he would take out his mureeds to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream.

when I was initiated, it was the sweetest ice cream I ever ate.

Happy Birthday Murshid.

it’s been amazing to watch the small sprout of his transmission grow and send out seeds, which also grew, and sent out it’s own seeds.


all blessings


May the Message of God reach far and wide.

Peter Berg’s Celebration

Dear family,

am just back from Peter Berg’s Celebration of Life in San Francisco, and wanted to share a bit of the experience with you.

Firstly, many thanks to Michael and Susan, who sheltered me, fed me and drove me around. Ya Shakur!

The Saturday evening Celebration was at a small private museum in the midst of the city. Created to teach the local children just how the Bay Area was before human alteration, it was a perfect place for the event.

The event was filmed, so Inshallah! we’ll have some record of the proceedings.

What I learned:

One speaker gave a most interesting contribution: He said that the philosophy of Anarchy has always been built around systems, and that Peter’s contribution has been to add two very important (and non system) components – one was the addition of ‘place specific’ – and the other was to include all the other native life in the area as a part of the community. This, of course, goes hand in hand with Bioregionalism.

Sunday night, we gathered at the beach to build fire and watch the sun set.

Somehow, I felt Peter’s approval.

all blessings


p.s. as if by magic, today’s mail included a thank you letter from the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, acknowledging and thanking us for our financial gift. We already had a thank you from Meals on Wheels. Many thanks to all who helped make this possible – especially our ‘woman on the ground’ Mary Beth Granberry, and our ‘beloved recorder of pertinent data’ Jude Sargent.