A Taste of Shasta

Dear ones,

Enclosed is a link to an audio file –

A Taste of DHO-Shasta-2014

For those of you who were able to make it there, here is a reminder.
For those of you who were not able to make it there, here is a taste.

There were, of course, many other wonderful parts, including Saul’s walks class, lots of Saul’s stories about Murshid Sam, Mother Mary and Kennet Roshi and much more.

Thank you to those on this audio tape –  Sauluddin, Mariam, Aslan, Michael Endlich, Eddie (the Nazz) Greenburg, Murad and to the leaders not on the tape – Sarfaraz, Siddiq, Sakina, Noel, Richard Mann, Isa. Estafurgh’allah if I forgot anyone.


DHO 2014 at Shasta getting close…

Dear family,

June is upcoming, and we are amidst our preparations for our annual gathering.

This year is on Mt. Shasta, where we will explore our “occult” and “metaphysical” transmissions – June 22 (dinner) to June 28 (lunch) – 6 full days.

Our Theme: Hearing the Inner Voice.

Mt. Shasta is a great place to share the teachings, practices – and Inshallah!  experiences from Murshid Sam, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Mother Mary, and Jiu Kennet Roshi.

To those who may not know the connections between Murshid Sam, Mother Mary, and Jiu Kennett Roshi:

Murshid Sam never met Mother Mary, but honored her, and after her passing, offered to take on All of her students – sight unseen – an amazing offer on his part.

Jiu Kennett Roshi, went to the same monastery in Japan that he did (although at different times).  And when she arrived in the U.S., she had an experience viewing Mt. Shasta, and after querying Sam, he sent me to her.  She became our active God Mother.

We plan on visiting Jiu Kennet Roshi’s Cenotaph at Shasta Abbey, Widow Springs (for the healing waters), and doing Mother Mary’s Heart Meditation at Panther Meadows (on the Mountain).

Costs vary based on where you sleep – $670-$815 ($115 to $140 per night) – more for singles. Staff receives neither reimbursement, nor honorarium, and pays full fees.

To Register: Please make your checks payable to:
Jude Sargent  – 922 Stanyan Street – San Francisco, California 95117-3807

We hope to have a full crew. So make your plans, and register soon.

The sound and power of the River still calls to me.
Looking forwards to our being together once again.

all blessings,
hakim sauluddin

Saul In Scotland

Mastery of Everyday Life:
Sufi Workshop on Breath, Magnetism, Heart and Healing
with Murshid Saul Barodofsky; assisted by Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

September 20-21 — Saturday and Sunday — 10am-5pm
Kirkcaldy, Scotland (nr Edinburgh)

IMG_2414This two-day workshop will include chant, meditation, breath practice, walking meditation, movement and other active tools to help one build magnetism and meet the challenges of everyday life. These tools allow one to become a channel for healing for oneself and others. Practices will be drawn from many world traditions, as it is the Sufi way to see unity in all spiritual paths.

Saul will also share what the Sufis call baraka or heartblessing through his telling of stories about his travels worldwide and his time with various spiritual teachers and healers. Saul is the spiritual director of the Dervish Healing Order and an original student of Murshid Samuel Lewis (1896-1971), the founder of the Dances of Universal Peace. Saadi Neil (author of The Sufi Book of Life) will assist him by sharing some of these circle dances, which raise life energy for self-healing. This is the first UK workshop led by Murshid Saul, who is from the USA.

This two-day, non-residential workshop is open to all and sponsored by the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning (www.eial.org) and the East Scotland Ruhaniat Sufi Community with support from the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace (www.eicsp.org)

Venue: The Old Kirk in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Kirkcaldy is just north of Edinburgh, easily accessible by bus or rail. The Old Kirk is situated within easy walking distance from bus or rail stations. We can recommend local B&Bs close to the venue. Access is from Kirk Wynd (KY1 1EH) or Church Lane (KY1 1BG). Please check the venue website for details of disabled access and parking: www.kirkcaldyoldkirktrust.org.uk

Please register in advance with Nataliya or Neil (info@eial.org). A deposit of £50 will secure your place. Contact us for bank details and payment arrangements. Suggested donation for the weekend is £140/101 concessions, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For more information contact: Nataliya or Neil: info@eial.org. Tel. 0131-208-1331 (message)

DHO 2014 at Shasta

Our Magical Mystical Tour: The DHO on Mt Shasta-Part 2

June 22 (dinner) to June 28 (lunch) – 6 full days
Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt. Shasta, CA
Theme: Hearing the Inner Voice

2014 is upon us. Amidst the frozen pipes and fallen trees there are the beginning signs of Spring and Renewal.

 DHO-2014-ShastaOnce again we can look forwards to a daily Bowl of Saki retreat concentration; Absent Healing Ritual; zikr; mantra; laughter as healing; amulets and gemstones as healing tools; Sufi Qi Gong; yoga; tea; choir; dance & walks; Sohbet; rituals – both traditional and inspired; Sufi Stories; Home Work; and more R & R time together.  We are hopeful that we will be blessed with Hanuman’s presence.

PLUS all the Mountain trimmings:
Mother Mary, The Great White Brotherhood, & Flying Saucers.
With visits to Shasta Abbey (our God Mother Jiu Kennett Roshi’s cenotaph is there),
Widow Springs (for healing waters), and
Panther Meadows (X marks the spot for manifestations of the Brotherhood)

Costs vary based on where you sleep –
$670-$815 ($115 to $140 per night) – more for singles

Staff receives neither reimbursement, nor honorarium, and pays full fees.
Please make your checks payable to Jude Sargent
922 Stanyan Street – San Francisco, California 95117-3807
We hope to have a full crew. So make your plans, and register soon