Hidayat’s Passing

It has been a great honor and privilege to know in person Hidayat Inayat Khan. I loved his feisty spirit, his humor, his mischievous side that he dare revealing in the intimacy of our French conversations.

The dearest moments that I shared with him were during his visits in Montclair with dear Aziza or driving together to the Abode of the Message and stopping for him to enjoy a soup that Monick had prepared. He refused to share as he held it and said “it is mine, Monick made it for me.” Of course it was done in jest but he could be funny like this at time.

Hidayat has inspired me greatly as he revealed very little of himself that I could relate to in comparison to the wealth of richness inhabiting his being. I was humble once when we had dinner with Michael Harrison and both started a conversation on the intricacy of the classical Indian music and ragas. It was as if they did not speak English any longer, they communicated with each other and we were witnesses to a communion of souls that shared a common

Hidayat’s writing that he shared will remain my source of inspiration as I saw him work on some of it with such great care, concentration in what exemplified mindfulness and singlemindedness seeking nothing less than perfection not only in the expression of his feeling and thoughts but in the grammatical structure as well.

In French he trusted me enough to share stories about his life, when he lived at Suresnes before the war and came back with his first wife. He talked about his experiences in the Vercors stealing a horse to exchange against a chicken. He wanted to understand why people of my generation sought alternative means of consciousness as he suffered greatly losing his own son to drug.

His friendship will remain dear in my heart and I will always love him as I love his dear Aziza who kept fussing about him and making sure that the kitchen produces food that he could eat. She was marvelous with him. She did not like us speaking French around her and we had to switch back to English as he cared so much about her feelings.

So many memories in Charlottesville, in Holland and in Montclair. My heart is full of gratitude to have meet an extraordinary being that has been such an inspiration over the years. He became a true God-father.

He tried to entice me to join the Sufi Movement and I declined. His heart was speaking as we loved each other but he respected my loyalty to the Sufi Ruhaniat and my dear Murshid Saul. So I told him to get Saul in the Sufi Movement and I will follow right away. This never happened.

Now that his soul freed itself from the garb, I will pray that his journey toward the light be quick and that he finds peace. The world is a bridge and he has now reached the place where he belongs and that he deserves.

Much love and blessings my dear Hidayat, my heart is with you and with all those that you love, especially your dear Aziza and your family.

Jean Pierre
Sheikh Salik of the Sufi Ruhaniat
Montclair, New Jersey, USA


The Passing of a Great Soul

Dear all hearts,

Upon hearing the news of Hidayat’s passage, I am reminded of our last meeting…

February 03, 2015 in Haarlem, Netherlands.

We spoke of the future:

His deepest concern was the continuation of his father’s legacy of Religious Freedom, vs the rising tide of sectarianism and separation.

He remembered an earlier attempt to contain the Message, and it’s disastrous aftermath.

His loyalty to the ideal of The Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty was life long: from his catching the “bowl” which had been dropped, to his rescue of the esoteric papers of the Sufi Movement from the Nazi invasion of Holland, to his behind the lines guerrilla fight against that same atrocity in southern France.

We are so thankful that he agreed to take the helm of the Movement, to make peace with the Ruhaniat and the Sufi Order, and to bring together the separated strands of his fathers vision of Unity — The Federation of the Sufi Message.

His legacy of powerful humility and dedication of purpose shall be an inspiration to us all.

Our prayers go out to his long time companion, Murshida Aziza.  May her journey forwards be light filled and an ease to her body.

Ya Salamo dearest Godfather and Elder.

We are so thankful to have had the blessing of knowing and interacting with you.

Please enjoy a picture I took of them during that lunch in Haarlem.

Hakim Sauluddin
Haarlem, Netherlands
September 14, 2016

The Last of Murshid’s Children

“The seeming death is the real birth of the soul.”
– Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan and Amina Begum had four children, and the last has now left us:

Hidayat Inayat-Khan
Born in London on August 6th, 1917
Passed away in Munich on September 12th, 2016

According to the wishes of Hidayat and Aziza there will be no funeral ritual.

In deep sorrow and gratitude on behalf of Aziza Inayat-Khan,

Ulma and Joop Moerenburg
Testamentary Executors

Condolences may be sent to:    memorial1917@gmail.com

Report: DHO in Oregon – 2016 – with Homework

Dear ones,

USA – DHO 2016 is now a loving and powerful memory.  Mashallah!

The atmosphere, ambiance, location, weather, superb food and open hearted communion of souls was transcendent. Some folks were so energized they actually radiated visible light.  

We had such an easy time there, the group voted to return to Portland in 2017.

2017 DHO
Alton Collins Retreat Center
June 18 (Sunday dinner) to June 24 (Saturday lunch)
— block these dates —

Inshallah! Lama will be ready for us in 2018.  And, our family on the ground at Mt. Shasta, are also looking for a new, different gathering place.  It will be sweet to re-visit Jiu Kennet Roshi, and Mother Mary once again.

Many thanks to all who presented, with special kudos to both Jude and Murad for making it smooth, and uplifting.  

The theme of our 2016 gathering was Peace in the World: Sending, bringing, creating and holding peace – within and without. This is not the peace of the cemetery, but rather a living and vibrant energetic. One cannot give what one does not have. As Murshid Sam clearly stated “I would like to see a peace demonstration, where the demonstrators demonstrated peace.”

The homework given was intended to facilitate this ideal. You may take on this practice if it touches your heart. Please note: This is a five night practice.

Each night, as you lie down to sleep –

Start with the invocation, and feel the Divine Love within your own heart.  Expand this love. Reach out and feel your heart connection to all our brothers and sisters:  Those who are with us, those who have already left this incarnation, and those who have not yet manifested.

Feel this shared and joined love as a cradle.  Holding, enfolding, and supporting you as you float within this cocoon of loving kindness and surrender.

  • First night:  from this place of inner peace and love – ask GOD what God wishes you to do – so as to manifest and share peace.

  • Second night: from this place of inner peace and love – ask one of the Rasuls what they would have you do – so as to manifest and share peace.

  • Third night: from this place of inner peace and love – ask one of the departed Pirs of our lineage (Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Sam, Pir Moineddin Jablonski) what they would have you do to manifest and share peace.

  • Fourth night: from this place of inner peace and love – ask your personal initiator what they would have you do to manifest and share peace.

  • Fifth night:  from this place of inner peace and love – ask your high self what they would have you do to manifest and share peace.

You may write me a report if it feels appropriate to do so.

In late August I leave for Russia and Turkey.  Light a candle.

hugs and love,
hakim sauluddin


So many helped us in making this a memorable gathering –
Many thanks:
to Aslan, who offered choir, evening dance, and gave a loving report on the just concluded Federation meeting in Berlin (with our living Godparents – now 99 and 94, and still wowing them with the depth and clarity of the transmission);
to Ahura, who stepped in when needed, and led a number of dances;
to Siddiq, who held the early morning silent sit; to Siddiq and Sakina who offered formal tea (yummy); 
to Richard Mann, who led us in morning yoga and shamanic drumming; 
to Sarfaraz, who offered Healing 101 and 102 on a daily basis (still needed, and well received); 
to Murad, who led us in a webinar, a daily class and an evening of the Healing Zikr (great juice);
to Noel Hanuman, who organized and led a presentation of the Ramayana; 
to Fadhilla, who led the Loving Kindness-Meta Meditation;
to Michael Endlich, who offered both a seminar on amulets, and a meditation on light; 
to Katherine/Sophia for her first presentation of the Universal Worship, since being initiated as a Cherag by Saadi; 
to Ayesha for her mandala sohbet; 
to Shalimar for her soul collage;
and, of course to Nasruddin, who once again showed us the power of healing through laughter. 

With special kudos to Shamcher Steven – who helped uplift and update the wifi system at our wonderful retreat center-Alton Collins.  And we donated to repair their ancient dish washer and their wifi system.  All to the good for next years gathering.

I hope I haven’t forgotten any one.  If so, Ghafur! Ghafur! Ghafur! May the forgiveness of God manifest for us all.


Message from Hidayat

Dear Friends,

Below is a transcript of Pir Hidayat Inayat-Khan’s message at the recent Federation gathering. At age 99, he was full of fire, and his message conveyed encouragement as well as several warnings to those of us offering service in the spirit of his father.

“Let those who have ears to hear….”

Love and blessings,


Beloved Sufi Brothers and Sisters,

Most hearty welcome offered for the Federation Retreat offered for the first time in Berlin, following the kind invitation of Petra – Beate Schildbach.

We are looking forward to meeting each other, and each is respectfully expected to patiently face each other’s belief, in an atmosphere of Love, Harmony and Beauty. There are diamonds in one belief, rubies in another, and other precious jewels in all known or unknown beliefs.

Let us first relate to the historical words of our Master, who said:

“One of the words to which the term ‘Sufi’ is related, is the Greek term Sophia, meaning wisdom. Sufism is not a Religion, with a distinct and definite doctrine. There has never been a Founder of Sufism in any period of the world’s history. Wisdom has always be the central theme of Sufism. Several Sufi Schools still exist, and numberless followers of different religions benefit from the wisdom taught in these ancient schools. No doubt every school has its own method, following the personality of the leader.”

And further on, our Master said:

“The Sufi Movement consists of members of different beliefs, united together in the ideal of wisdom. Wisdom does not only belong to a particular religion, nor race. Wisdom is a divine property, which mankind has inherited; and it is this realization that unites all Sufis of different nationalities, races, beliefs, all working for that great Ideal.”

Following these precious words of our Master, the main theme “Wisdom” is brought forward today as being an ongoing process consisting in the purification of the mind from fanatic concepts that do not correspond anymore to our time. When the Truth is formulated at the level of individual understanding, it is then diversified in various interpretations, just as water poured into colored glasses gives the impression of being shaded in the color of the glasses.

Similarly, as far as the concept “Religion” is concerned, some declare having found Truth in Hinduism, others in Buddhism, in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or in various other beliefs known or unknown to the world at large. When Truth, is brought down to the level of Human understanding, it is obviously clad in ancestral garbs, highlighting thereby arbitrary dogmas that have always been the fundamental cause of world- wide religious conflicts.

Spiritual Liberty implies being responsible for the consequences of one’s own short–sighted understanding of Truth; and False Pretense obviously offers a confusing example to those who expect to experience truthfulness at the level of Spirituality.

When practicing the precious teachings of our Master called the “Art of Personality,” one realizes that any role preformed, either spiritual or material, becomes sooner or later intoxicating, and under that spell, one cherishes the illusions of the game. Each moment offers an opportunity to reconsider the lessons of the past. In a fall, there is a hidden stepping-stone upon which one might rise above one’s shortcomings. Every effort made toward the fulfillment of one’s life’s purpose brings one step-by-step closer to the ultimate goal, seen as a humble contribution to the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose.

During that journey, the present is the consequence of a hide-and-seek game, played between past experiences and day-by-day reactions; whereas both past and present are under Destiny’s command. The future shall offer the fruit of the seeds planted in the past, which shall prove sooner or later to be either sour or sweet.

As known from fairy tales, there is a magic formula used to turn base metal into gold. This mystical tale symbolizes the work done in remodeling one’s self consciousness at a humble level. Modesty is not necessarily weakness; it is a feeling arising from the living heart, which is secretly conscious of its inner beauty, while at the same time veiling itself even from its own sight.

Each of us could be seen as an individual lamp shining out in different shades of light. The brightness of that light varies in accordance to the condition of the inner heart, and all are blessed with the same current of Divine Guidance, and in so doing, contributing to the Cause, assigned by providence, all along Life’s Journey.

When the doors of the heart are open, humility awakens, finding oneself face to face with the Divine Guidance, revealed as Wisdom and Purity, the true Essence of all that is understood by the term ‘Sufi.’

May 18, 2016