Hidayat Inayat Khan New Year Greetings 2006

The all-pervading "Goal" drives each of us without mercy into the Future, while at the same time hurling us into the ever-receding Past; and in our illusion of the Present, the magic game of Time deceives that Eternity, where the opposite poles Spirit and Matter meet in a continuum of space, inspiring our speculative concepts of reality or unreality, which are just only the reflections of our own point of view.

There is no experience in life which is really worthless, and there is not one moment which is really wasted, providing one is wise enough to carefully assemble the elements of past memories and learn from these, with the idea of accomplishing one’s life’s purpose.

As we proceed courageously through the darkness of the clouds of such concepts as preconceived ideas, communicating with each in their own language, and steadfastly displaying the banner of "Spiritual Liberty", our example could be interpreted as an invitation to the privilege of becoming living altars of all beliefs, while firmly holding on to the only secret that there is to inner peace, to happiness, and to spirituality: "The Supremacy of Truth", which cannot be defined in speculative human terminology.

Although one’s vision of right and wrong does not always correspond to that of others, yet each time that we set aside our own ego, even for a moment, we then offer a bit of our heart, and in return, the light of the “Spirit of Guidance” becomes brighter and brighter, clearing away the shadows of our limitations, as we sail on the great waters of Life, heading toward the unknown, where one may perhaps begin to realize that the sailor is at the same time the all –pervading “Goal”.

Hidayat Inayat-Khan

Benefit for the Planet Drum Foundation

Dear friends and family,

Start 2006 with a fun benefit and rug sale. Sun Bow returns to the Bay Area a special benefit for the Planet Drum Foundation.

January 14th & 15th ONLY

at the City Ballet School – 32 Otis Street – Downtown San Francisco

Going East on Market St. (towards the Ferry Building) turn Right on Gough, Left on Stevenson Alley,
Right on Brady & Left on Colton. Park your car in one of the lots. $1.00 is requested by City Ballet.

Saturday, January 14th (1–6) & Sunday, January 15th (11–5)

30% of all sales will go to Planet Drum Foundation and their Eco City project in Ecuador

That’s 30% of all sales, so buy a lot – your money will go to a great cause.

We are planning on bringing mostly small and medium sized rugs and kilims, but, if you wish something in a specific size, or color, please let us know, and we shall be most happy to accommodate you.

Happy 2006, and all best wishes,
Saul and the Sun Bow crew

For more information on Sun Bow & Planet Drum see our web sites:

Sun Bow Trading Company
110 South Street
(434) 293 8821

Planet Drum Foundation
P.O. Box31251
San Francisco,California 94131
(415) 285 6556

Impressions from the Charlottesville Joint Camp

Hello, my friends,

Last weekend was the Mid-Atlantic Sufi gathering in Charlottesville, Virginia, jointly sponsored by the Ruhaniat and the Sufi Order. Perhaps 120 people, including 20 kids and teenagers, attended. The location was a campsite in the woods, somewhat comparable to the Abode campsite, though more built up. Asha Greer of the Ruhaniat and Rabia Povich of the SO were camp directors.

All the sessions were led by local leaders, with no one imported from the outside. Well, you could count Latifa Till, who coordinated the dances and led many of them, with a grace and graciousness outstanding even by Ruhaniat standards, as imported from Venus, Saul as imported from Pluto, Yasmin from the fifth angelic plane, Munawir from Uranus, Zarifah from the heart of the world, and Asha from Earth, and so on. Clearly the local leaders had a chance to step forward with Other Major Leaders from other areas not being present.

Here’s an example of what we did. Taking Murshid’s teaching on the Five Aspects of Prayer, from Volume 9, which Pir Zia has been stressing so much, we worked with the writings, meditated on them, and did dances that expressed them. The idea was to combine the approaches of the SO (sitting?) and the Ruhaniat (moving?). I loved this plan so much; it was truly a cute idea. There was lots of music, which I’m sure Murshid would have enjoyed.

A high point for me was the Zikr on Sat. night. This included a standing, moving, singing Zikr, somewhat similar to Zuleikha’s choreographed versions, with clear influence from Sherif Baba and Pir Shabda. It was started by Yasmin but then Latifa and Asha also were directing it somehow. This one piece lasted, say, 45 minutes and to me felt like the culmination of 1400 — or is it 14,000? — years of this sacred practice.

A large majority was from the Ruhaniat and Dance Network, and they provided virtually all the many volunteers needed for such a camp. The cooperation seemed to be flawless, though from day 1 of the planning a key question was how much dancing to do, with the Sufi Order wanting more time for classes and meditation, the Ruhaniat wanting more dancing. One person especially dedicated to the dances told me that three hours without interruption creates an atmosphere that is incomparable. I think I under stood that just from the long Zikr/Dance we did.

Saul and I led a men’s class together. Those of you who know us may not think we are the obvious pair, but we are very close and it went well. (I think Saul is what my father could have been if he “would be what he should be,” while my father was like an extroverted version of Saul). Saul does men’s classes with chants and walks and practices and no discussion, while mine are based on the observation that men, out of courtesy and respect, don’t feel able to talk freely when women are present — so we just talked. He led half and I led half. Details are not available.

I very much enjoyed the subtle differences in attunement between the two groups and the value of the interchange. We have much we can learn from each other. And I remain convinced that the main difference is that the Ruhaniats, as dancers and walkers, know how to keep two feet on the ground, while in the Sufi Order we like one foot on the ground–at most.

Love and blessings to you,

Washington, DC, USA

Murshid Story

Dear all,

I feel moved to report an occurance I wittnessed at the Khankah in Novato (Garden of Inayat) in 1970.

Someone had brought over a film of some teacher talking (not our family), and the members of the Khanka were watching it in their dining room.

Murshid arrived, saw what was happening, went to the meditation room, and closed the door. I was not interested in the film, and was outside the room talking to Ayesha when Murshid stormed out of the meditation room and started to rake the Khankah over the coals.

I don’t remember exactly what he said, as I was attempting to make myself as small as possible against the wall as he fumed by.  He glanced at me in passing and said “This has nothing to do with you.” As Ayesha and I went upstairs, I heard Murshid say, “If I have hurt your vision or your heart I apologize. But I don’t give a damn about your ego.”

Happy Fall

hakim saul


A short recollection:

When Murshid was in San Francisco General Hospital (just prior to his passing) he awoke from a coma and looked at me in the eye to ask where he was and who had been there to visit him.

I replied that he had realy put us-me through the wringer, and I was so happy he was back.  He twinkled at me, "If you think this is something, you should see what you have in store for you."

Who would have thought.

Happy Birthday Murshid - Ice Cream is on the House!

all blessings,

from Guatemala without the tears

For those inquiring about my safety I enclose part of a report to my parents:

   As fate would have it the day I arrived in Guatemala was the day the disaster struck, last Wednesday [Oct 5]. After days of saturating rain, the additional tropical rains from Hurricane Stan brought disaster in many forms to Guatemala.

   The village next to my school village at the foot of a volcano experienced first a tremor, then came an avalanche of mud from the supersaturated mountain that killed 50.

   1,400 kilometers of roads, 52% of those in the country were eroded, collapsed, covered with avalanches of rock, washed out, unpassable, aggravated by 17 bridges destroyed or weakened. Hence, transport was stopped. Even rescue helicopters were hampered by the continued low ceilings and continued rain. These rains in subsequent days kept 630 destroyed villages isolated, [figures from Prensa Libra October 9, 2005] many residents without food and water.

   I knew Friday after two calls Thursday and Friday produced the same result that I’d have to leave: Transport Rebelli which normally provides bus service to Panajachel from where I’d take a boat across Lake Atitlan to San Pedro, where I planned to study, was not running. [In the past 4 study visits I lived in Quetzaltenango; it too being further along the road to Panajachel was unreachable.] Meantime, I’m still in my hotel in Guatemala City where I stayed until I flew yesterday. [Sunday, Oct 9] Santiago Atitlan, the village next to my town was the one that lost 50. Nearby Panabaj, 1200.

   I began making reservations to leave.  I’ll study Spanish in Boulder, using the tapes and text I took to Guatemala, as well as continue to edit Murshid: a memoir of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, my book slated for publication soon. Deborah and I will drive to Tucson Oct 22 to continue for another two weeks our study vacation slated for Guatemala.

   Poor Guatemala. I’m afraid she won’t be ready to receive our return visit which was going to be in the spring, also for one month.

I love you guys,


Report: DHO at Shasta – 2005

DHO -Mt.Shasta and Onwards….

Beloved ones of God,

Much love and many Blessings fromVirginia.

We are just returned from a memorable gathering onMt.Shasta, and wish to share some impressions with you.

Firstly, this was our 32nd annual gathering, since our first Healing Camp in 1973. There were over 50 of us attending: including 3 Murshid(a)s, and 10 Shiekh(a)s, and Khalif(a)s.

Murshida Rabia participated, as well as Shiekh Mansur Johnson (Murshid Sam’s original esoteric secretary) and his son Nathan. It was a great treat to see Nathan after more than 30 years.

Mornings were spent doing zikr, practice, and the Healing Ritual. All evenings save for the first were dedicated to dance, walks, practice, homework, and a bed time story.

The first evening we focused on the relationship between the Ruhaniate and it’s healing activity – the Dervish Healing Order. This was a productive and informative discussion. Much clarity and love was focused on our lineage and on our inner and outer connection.

Alhamdulliah! Any potential discomfort was dissipated and harmony reigned. Mashallah!

The next afternoon our “Seniors” offered classes: Shiekh Murad taught Sufi Chi Quong, Caliph Aslan offered Sufi Choir, Jennifer led DHO 101 (our basic training of breath, attunement, energy work – sending and transmuting, protection, and so on), and Ana Farishta taught the Mevlevi Turn.

The following afternoon was devoted to Mother Mary May Meier, and the transmission of the Mountain. Two of her seniors (Jeffrey andLinden) drove up for lunch, and spent the next 5 hours regaling us with history, stories and a new manuscript of her biography (with powerful photographs). All 20 copies were gone in minutes.

The book lovingly refers to Murshid Sam, and kindly names some of us. It should be printed soon, and I will keep you all posted.

Murshid Sam told me after Mothers passing (January 1970) that he would take on any of her ‘students’ who wished to study with him. As I recall, at least six of us took hand with him.

It was truly wonderful to have some “conformation” on the stories I have been telling about Mother and the Mountain for these past 36 years. Inshallah! More to come.

The next afternoon was a “field trip” to visit Shasta Abbey, the home of our ‘sister order’ The Zen Mission Society of Jiu Kennett Roshi, our Godmother.

She and Murshid Sam went to the same monastery inJapanat different times. When she arrived inAmerica, she flew over the Mountain and it winked at her. She then called Murshid and asked if he knew anyone who was familiar with the Mountain and that area, as she wanted to purchase land, and build her monastery there. Murshid sent me, and thus began our life long friendship. Ya Shakur!

Their Meditation Hall is glorious and light filled. Entering it ones truly enters the Vast Silence. One only wishes to stop. To sit. To meditate. We were honored by being permitted to make any offering of incense. Time stilled. The heart was open. What great bliss.

We then were shown her gravesite. We did zikr, sang and did prayers around the stupa.

Once more we were deeply moved by the experience.

After some lovely refreshments under the trees, and a very productive visit to their gift shop, we caravaned onto Widow Springs – the healing springs on the Mountain.

The waters were cold and refreshing. A few of us went swimming – and a few of us slipped in. Many of us carried water home with us, and some of us took pictures. We hope to have the pictures for our web site soon which show all the beings of light which appeared on the pictures, as well as the many rainbows which also spontaneously appeared.

Truly a magical time in a magical place.

I wish to thank and acknowledge a few of the many folks who added so much to our Bliss:

Shiekh Johannes for leading the walk of Zoroaster – Shiekha Ananda for harmonizing her morning sung zikr with the sounds of the rushing, mountain stream just outside our meeting room – Murshida Khadija for leading the concentration on Mary, the mother of Jesus – Shiekh Mansur Kreps for leading us in Zikr, and holding the rhythm during our gathering – Nasruddin for his humor – Hakku Ron Rivard for locating the Spring and leaving us directions – Noel for leading us in the walk of Hanuman – Shiekh Mansur Johnson for reading us some extracts from his newest book on the life and work of Samcher Beorse – Shiekh Mujahid and Majid, who drove down from Oregon to make their first ever DHO Gathering, and brought us all up to date on their daughters and lives since leaving Charlottesville, and finally I wish to acknowledge the three mothers who brought their daughters: Jennifer and Laura, Khadija and Jamiell, and Iromee and Anoka – and to all those known and unknown to us whose blessings and love helped to make this gathering so wondrous. Ya Shakur Allah!

Next year (2006) at Lama – Murshid SAM 35 – June 21 to June 27 – more on this later.

Finally let us offer prayers and protection to all our sons and daughters who are in service inIraq, andAfghanistan. And, most especially to our newest DHO initiate Jamiell Goforth.

May the Grace of God enfold, protect and nourish all our children who serve in harms way.

Return to us sound in body, mind and spirit – Ya Ali!

I send you all my love, blessings and prayers for your continued growth into the Light.

Yours in Service to the Real

Hakim Sauluddin

Imam Feisal Speaks Out Against Terrorist Attacks in London July 7

Imam Feisal Speaks out against terrorist attacks in London July 7, 2005: 4:15 PM Eastern Stand Time : New York City


(New York. 7/7/05) - A prominent New York City Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf today decried this morning's terrorist attacks in London as "crimes against humanity."

In his statement, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said: The Holy Quran teaches us that "Whoever kills a human being...it is as if he has killed all humankind: and if he saves a human life, it is as if he has saved the lives of all humankind" Quran 5:32

We condemn the abuse of religion by fanatics whose sole purpose is to rouse hate. Nothing is as antithetical to all religion and especially to Islam, as the wanton violence wreaked by the recent attacks in London. We cry out against such violence, and seek to console those who have lost their loved ones and suffered from injuries.

Our voices are raised together to proclaim support for our British sisters and brothers who have experienced tragic loss of innocent life. We pray for a future that is replete with peace and love for all of humanity across the world.

Today also further emphasizes the need for greater efforts by Muslim leaders & thinkers to come together to present to the world the true essence of Islam as a religion of moderation and compassion. Just days ago, I attended a historic International Islamic Conference "True Islam and Its Role in Modern Society" in Amman, Jordan held under the auspices of His Majesty King Abdullah II. The goal of this conference was to put forth a constructive effort to unify two major branches of Islam, Sunni and Shi'ite, in standing against Islamic extremists.

In addition to gathering over 170 prominent scholars (representing all Madhahib or major schools of thought) from all parts of the Islamic world as well as America & Europe the conference succeeded in attaining the signatures of all attendees on a document that spoke against the practice of labeling others as apostates, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. It also set specific Islamic criteria for individuals to issue religious rulings (or fatwa). The document defined the qualifications for issuing fatwas, since the so-called fatwas justifying terrorism are all being issued outside of the established schools of religious law and are in clear violation of their common principles.


Imam Feisal is the Founder of ASMA: American Society for Muslim Advancement, an Islamic cultural and educational organization dedicated to building bridges between American Muslims and the American public: www.asmasociety.org and Co- Founder of The Cordoba Initiative, a multi faith organization whose mission is to heal the relationship between The Muslim World and America. http://www.cordobainitiative.org 

Daisy Khan, 201 868 4060 or 212- 362-2242,
E-Mail: daisy@asmasociety.org

Daanish Masood 917 492 8690, Fax: 917-492-8687,
E- Mail: dmasood@asmasociety.org

175 East 96th Street, Suite 21T,
NYC, NY 10128


from: Jean-Pierre

DHO Letter: May, 2005

Beloved ones of God,

Much love and many greetings from Virginia.

This April-May was very full:

We started out with the planned (and then canceled) and then on again, meeting of the Federation of the Sufi Message. Originally scheduled to be at the Abode in upstate New York, it was canceled and then saved by Jean-Pierre and the New York Ruhaniat community – great job folks, and many thanks for doing all the last minute planning so wonderfully.

I had to miss the JK meeting in Boston, as I left immediately for Germany.

Our 21st year gathering at Haus Shneida was as wonderful as always.

We were over 65 adults and 17 youngens. Alhamdullilah!

Once again, our Godparents, POM Hidayat Inayat Khan and Murshida Aziza joined Sheikh Aslan Sattler, Sheikha Gita Owen, Khalifa Barakka von Kügelgen, Sheikha Latifa Fourier and myself in prayers, singing, zikrs, walks, rituals, stories, and our general frolicking amidst the North German sunshine. Sheikh Puran (and Purana) joined us from Switzerland, as did 3 of our St. Petersburg family. Subhan Spencer again took photos, and they should be on our web site soonish. It was also the season for White Asparagus – WOW! What a treat to eat local food in season and naturally ripened.

As an asidem, we now have a Ruhaniat Initiator in Russia – Alhamdulliah! Fatima (Illona) was initiated to the 9th year at Shneida. May our Russian family grow and prosper in the Spirit.

From Germany I went to Konya on business, and am happy to report that our local family is opening a large and beautiful hotel next to Rumi’s tomb. It’s called Otel Rumi. I look forwards to staying there this September.

Our summer gathering on Mt. Shasta has over 45 registrants, so Jennifer requests that if you are planning on attending, please let her know before June 6th – when she has to notify the Springs what our final numbers will be – for food shopping, etc.

Please don’t delay!

Jean-Pierre has placed on our DHO website (Dervish-Healing-Order.org) photos from Lama 33 beads, but also the Federation Retreat he pulled off in New York this past April. And, we are hopeful that some of the Shneida pictures will also be there soon.

He is also organizing a collection of spiritual names and their meanings from our various traditions – through Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid SAM, and more: great job – almost 2,000 names so far and growing. Mashallah! Check out the DHO website for a look – or even a detailed study.

So much is happening in our worlds. We are all so busy. The Mountain will be good for us – restful vibrations, clean air, clean water and many open hearts. What a wondrous combination.

All this plus, Shasta Abbey, Mother Mary’s students, Mountain Stories & great food.

I look forwards to our summer gathering, and to the many blessings that await us all.

I send you all my love, and my prayers for our spiritual fulfillment,

Yours in Service to the Real,

Hakim Sauluddin