DHO Letter from Saul and Upcoming 2002 Gathering

Beloved ones of God,

As the season of Christ’s Mass approaches, I am filled with a feeling of ambiguity over the wanton destruction that has occurred in the name of God, and our response to it. Whilst, at the same time, I am so thankful that we live in a country where we are free to practice our religion or path, and that our larger community has reached out to the American Muslims with an open heart and willing hands. Alhamdulliah!

Now I can only pray that the Muslim community world wide will reciprocate to their own “minorities,” and make them an integrated part of their family – whether they be Kurds, Baluchis, Shias (or Sunnis), or any of the other oppressed “minorities” within the Muslim world, including Jews – Christians – Hindus – Zoroastrians – Buddhists, etc., etc.

It has been another very full year for us all: Our Germany DHO gathering was larger and more “juice-filled” than ever, and our 30 Year Pilgrimage to Murshid SAM at Lama was over flowing with love and joy and laughter (just as he would have wanted it).

Our second gathering in Prague (at the end of September) was truly international, with folks coming in from Holland, Germany, Estonia, Greece, and of course the Czech Republic. We performed the Absent Healing Ritual at the former village of Lidice for the victims of the Nazi horror there.

In addition, on November 24, we were in New York for a previously scheduled meeting, and joined with Jean Pierre David and folks from as far away as Seattle, Montana, and Virginia to conduct the Absent Healing Ritual at the site of the former World Trade Center. There were 14 of us at the site itself, and afterwards we had our gathering at the Sufi Bookstore with about 100 people joining us for prayer and stories and walks and laughter. It was wonderful.

Afterwards I went on to Boston to join with Abraham and Halima Sussman to relive the early days of the Sufi Choir (Jim Fellows joined us), and to have a meeting at their home. About 20 folks joined with us for prayer and laughter. We also went onto Logan Airport to perform the Service for those who were in the planes that left Boston and were crashed into the WTC. May their hearts and souls be at peace and reunited with God’s love.

Upcoming: D.H.O. GATHERING – Summer 2002 – “Hu We Are”

DATES: June 24th to June 29th (Monday through Saturday).
PLACE: Mt. Home Retreat. 2 swimming pools, great food, and loads of outdoors.
LOCATION: by Calistoga in Northern California’s famous wine country.
PRICE: From $325 to $525 (depending on accommodations).
RESERVATIONS: Jennifer Avian

There will be choir, chi gong, walks, dancing, Zikr, ritual, and our general frolicking amidst the trees. We had such a great time here 2 years ago, we decided to return.

Looking forwards to seeing you in the pool.

All love and blessings,
Hakim Sauluddin

Absent Healing Ritual in New York City

Dear all,

Please join us in a moment of prayer and remembrance for all those who have been harmed by the horrific events of September 11th.

And, for all those who do the Absent Healing Ritual, please tune into us at this time (6:00 p.m.) on Saturday, November 24th. We will be in New York City to do a meeting for the new Ruhaniat-Sufi Movement Center there, and shall take this opportunity to perform the ritual in a Place of Great Suffering.

Your participation is welcome and encouraged.

All love and Blessings
Hakim Saul

Peace to Suffering Humanity… post 9/11/2001

Beloved ones of God,

As a response to the tumult and hostility that resulted from the horrors of September 11th, the Sufi Healing Order has called upon the Dervish Healing Order, and the Healing Activity of the Sufi Movement, to join with them in prayers so as to bring Peace to Suffering Humanity.

They intend to use the Healing Ritual to do this.

I am very much in favor of working with our brothers and sisters in the other streams of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s barakka.  This cooperation has the potential of being a living manifestation of the ideals of the Federation of the Sufi Message, and I hope and pray that this step is only the beginning of many co operative efforts in the future. May the Message of God reach far and wide!

The prayers in the service itself give us the direction we have chosen to take when we take the ritual to Places of Great Human Suffering:
“and that we may impart to them, Thy Light, Thy Love, Thy Joy, and Thy PEACE.” 

However, and in addition, Hazrat Inayat Khan has also given us a Prayer for the Peace of the World, which I actually feel, is a more appropriate focus for the general concentration of world peace. 

“Prayer for the Peace of the World”
through Hazrat Inayat Khan:

‘O Thou, the Almighty Sun, whose light cleareth away all clouds.
We take refuge in Thee. King of all men, God of all deities. Lord of all angels.
We pray Thee, dispel the mists of illusion from the hearts of the nations,
and lift their lives by Thy all-sufficient power.
Pour upon them Thy limitless love, Thy everlasting life,
Thy heavenly joy, and Thy perfect peace.”  — Amin

We shall do this prayer at 11:00 p.m. on the 3rd Sunday of each month, just prior to our regular Healing Ritual, and invite you all to join with us in attempting to manifest our hearts desire for Peace through the recitation of this prayer.

As to the heinous crimes committed against us all on September 11th:

This coming November 24th (Saturday), I shall be in New York to do a previously scheduled meeting, and shall take this opportunity to offer the Healing Ritual at (or very close by) the World Trade Center.  This shall be performed for the souls of all those who perished in this horror, and also for the hopeful alleviation of suffering for their families  and loved ones. 

This later activity is being organized by our brother in New York, Jean Pierre David (who also manages our web site).  For those who wish to join us in prayer, we shall meet  for practices at 5:30 p.m., and walk to the site and perform the Ritual at 6:00 p.m. This is all Eastern Standard Time. 

To those of you who wish to join us at the site itself: Please do.  All are welcome.   

After the ritual we shall walk to the near by Sufi Book Store and begin our meeting.  As Murshid SAM used to say, “It’s always a plus to have some ‘old timers’ in the crowd.”

For additional data: Please contact Jean Pierre – jeanpierredavid@hotmail.com.

I send you all my love and blessings and my prayer that we be permitted to Serve God in the Real Work.

Yours in Service,

Hakim Saul
Charlottesville, Virginia
October 15, 2001 

A Report on the Performance of the Absent Healing Ritual at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp


Dear Family –

The following is a full report from our Shafayette – Kalipha Brita von Kugelgen inBerlin.  You might remember that I included a mention of her preliminary report in my recounting of the Lama Pilgrimage.

May the Message of God Reach Far & Wide.

Yours in Service
Hakim Sauluddin


On June 30, 2001, about 20 of us “Berliners” came together in the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen, which is nearBerlin, to perform the Healing Ritual there. This was on the next day to the last of the DHO pilgrimage to Murshid SAM at the Lama Foundation. We all felt the strong connection and support of our brothers and sisters, who joined us in the service, bringing thankfully our gift for Murshid SAM.

Remembering the teaching of Hakim Saul before the first Healing Ritual in Places of Great Human Suffering in the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, we prepared ourselves for three weeks: We practiced at our regular Thursday night meeting of the Healing circle special wazifas which we held in concentration during the following week, as: Allah ho Akbar, Ya Nuri, Ya Tawwab, Ya Ghafur.

And when the day had come, we went – mostly in silence – concentrating on these wazifas upon the earth of the camp until we reached the place where the Ritual would be done. Some of us visited Sachsenhausen for the first time. We were walking very slowly, looking and standing at the different sites of violence and inhumanity: the gas chamber, the crematorium, the execution place, we looked at the big Soviet monument, the gray dry earth, the flower-bed with red roses…, imagining what had happened, telling us in few words what we knew about this place and what we felt now – again and again remembering our breath: Allah Ya Nuri, Allah Ya Ghafur…

Sachsenhausen is a concentration camp with a change in the historical scene. Between 1936 – 1945 it was seen by the SS as the ideal model of a concentration camp. More than 200,000 people were imprisoned there, firstly political, and later, because of biological or racial reasons, and, then later, it became the jail for inhabitants of all the occupied European nations.

Not being aware of the multinational nature of the camp, one of us – a young Greek woman – became suddenly alarmed when she saw the wordGREECEon the memorial… Of course only a few people had survived.  At the end of the war, the Russian and Polish soldiers found only 3,000 patients, nurses and doctors left alive.

Between 1945-1950 Sachsenhausen was a special –  the biggest with 60,000 prisoners – Soviet camp, where NS-functionaries were imprisoned, and also people with discriminated political opinions, or others got there just by happenstance – as for instance the grandfather of one of us. He died there with 12,000 others by starvation or illness.

We had entered the large deserted camp through the gate with the well-known words “Arbeit macht frei” and together with us flew a dove with a straw in the bill – a comforting symbol of all new beginnings – and soon we heard a little group singing hymns, showing us that we are not alone there. Looking for an adequate place for the Ritual we felt doubtless drawn to a big tree, a plane – older than the camp and its historical changes. The tree shadowed us at this hot day and whispered to us with the leaves, till the moment when we called to God to heal all those who had been harmed in this area of all the different reasons, which had been mentioned loudly – everything got very quiet, even the leaves. We all felt a deep peace, some had strong images of beings resurrected in the light of love and healing.

After the prayer Khatum we sang “Shalom” and hugged each other. I looked in all these shining faces in our circle and was very thankful about our walking and working together on this path. There was the One heart in our hearts, there was a lot of love and even happiness.

Later, when we shared our impressions, I noticed that some of us had felt an impulse to dance after the Ritual – I had the vision of a long row in a snake dance along the whole area, touching the earth with loving and joyful feet. Maybe next time: we have decided that our next Healing Ritual at places of great suffering will be in Ravensbrück – a concentration camp for women and children.

But – as you can imagine – there are a lot of places inBerlinto perform the Ritual – for instance the train station from where the Jewish people were deported to the concentration camps or at the wall… It is a good work to do together – healing and strengthening, outside and inside. And the interest in doing this work is increasing. Alhamdulliah!

Two years ago Pir Moineddin wrote a comment to Sauluddin’s St. Petersburg Healing Ritual report. His words express my experience:


“To infuse these places of human suffering with the forces of love and healing is to transmute the vibration of helplessness and hopelessness into one of spiritual bravery. Through these efforts…

(we)… are helping to restore the human soul.”

Thank you for reading this,


Yours in Service
Brita von Kuegelgen

Report: Lama Pilgrimage 2001

Beloved ones of God,

Honoring the 30th year of Murshid Samuel L. Lewis’s passing, almost 100 of us gathered at his gravesite onLamaMountainto pray, dance, walk, tell stories, play, and in general, honor his life and the limitless generosity of his spirit.

We counted over 50 full time pilgrims, and almost 40 part timers (plus the Lama staff).  We generated about $15,000. for Lama – approximately $13,000 in fees, and about $2,000 donated by us specifically to repair the roof of the main dome.

Pilgrims came all the way from Hawaii to Germany, and from all over the USA. Special guests of our DHO family included: Fatima Lassar (who shared her early stories of meeting and interacting with S.A.M., plus her remembrances of how all the early disciples came to him), Abraham and Halima Sussman (Abraham was in the original Sufi Choir, and shared many of the musical themes from our earliest days).  In addition, Siddiq von Brissen and Asha Durkee-Greer shared many stories of Murshid’s 2 visits to Lama, and of his burial.  It was so welcome for me to have others present to help tell stories.

Each morning started with an early walk to the Maqbarra and group practice there.  It was wonderful to do the Heart Sutra and to sing RamNamat the gravesite.  A fabulous way to start the day.

Food was overseen by Elaine Sutton; need I say more than that?  Many thanks to the Lama Kitchen Staff (David & crew) who took her suggestions and ran with them so well. Yummy! Ananda brought her harmonium, and we did lots of sung heart zikrs.  There was daily tea ceremony (thanks to Zakina & Siddiq who held the concentration so well, that most of the young girls decided they wanted to learn Tea), a walks class, Asha taught the prayers in the prayer room, there was also daily practice of “Sufi” Chi Gong with Morad, Elaine Sutton and Abraham led some great dances in the evening, and Zuleika visited, and led us all in a very special evening Zikr.  Thanks dear one.

All that plus Friday Lama Shabat, and an evening ofFatima’s newest game Sifat Bingo. We had a men’s group, and a women’s group.  (The men had a blast hanging out together in silence.)  In the Walks Class there were many new walks of attunement to the Masters Saints and Prophets: Ananda brought forth a powerful walk of the mother as protector and the eater of demons.  She also shared a Powerful Tibetan Bon practice of receiving the transmission of a departed teacher.  Noel shared the walk of Hanuman.  Sarah Emi brought through the walk of Sarah. And at least 3 of the ladies brought through various walks of Mary the Mother of Jesus (Tsukina, Sar’faraz & Ana Farishta).  There was so much wonderful participation I just hope I didn’t forget anyone.

In DHO news, Cathy Sar’faraz fromKansas Citywas initiated as our newest Shafayette. Alhamdulliah!  It was such a heart filled gathering.Some highlights for me was our attunement to Moineddin’s Maqubarra, our attunement to Shabda and the family on their Pilgrimage through Spain & Morocco, and our final healing ritual of the gathering.   Karin Fourier fromGermanyled us in an attunement to Brita von Kugelgen’s healing ritual at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp inNorth Germany.  This was a continuation of our performing the ritual at Places of Great Human Suffering, and it was the first time many of the Pilgrims had participated in such a process.   Brita plans on writing a full report soon, and Inshallah!  I shall pass it onto us all.

Next year is still being planned, but should be around the same time period (Late June).

I send you all my love and blessings and wish you all the very best that Allah can give you.

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin
Charlottesville,Virginia  July 11, 2001

Concentration Camp Ritual – June 30th – North Germany

Dear all,

Our sister in Berlin (Shafayette Brita Kugegelgen) and the Berlin healing circle, will be offering the Absent Healing Ritual at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp on Saturday, June 30th at 11 a.m. German time.

We shall be joining them in Prayer from our Pilgrimage at Lama, and invite you all to “tune in” with us.

I send you all my love and blessings,
Hakim Sauluddin

A Report on Doing the Healing Ritual in Places of Great Suffering

Dear friends and family,

This report comes from Jo Ann Dalley of Charlottesville, Virginia, who performed the Absent Healing Ritual of Hazrat Inayat Khan at a Prisoner of War Camp from the American Civil War on April 19th, 2001. She was assisted by her two daughters, Heather (14) and Elizabeth (11). Her report follows.


Andersonville was a Confederate military prison established during the American Civil War. Today it is a National Historic Site, and a memorial to all United States prisoners of war, as well as being a National Cemetery.

Acres and acres of lush rolling pasture, and hundreds of rows of bright white headstones mark the landscape. There is a visitors center with literature and a movie of the sites history. One out of every three Union soldiers who arrived at Andersonville died there amidst horrific conditions of confinement.

We did the Healing Ritual on a green hillock overlooking the prison site. As we began, we noticed that the impact of this places history, and the strong words and images we had experienced at the visitors center had already faded. All that remained was the inner peace and the deep sense of calm which the ritual brings forth. That and the wind and a few wild flowers amidst the State Memorial Gardens. All this plus our prayers for God’s Peace to abide with all those who have passed through that place.

Yours in Service,
Jo Ann Dalley

Ketwijk, the Meeting at the Temple: some Impressions

Dear family,

The following are some impressions from our 2nd “Gathering of the Clans”.

Like all the others who reported, I was very pleased with the wonderful hospitality and seamless organization that our hosts in the Sufi Movement provided. The energy of the Temple and the grounds was uplifting and accommodating. It was a treat and a privilege to gather together in the name of the Sufi Message to pray and eat together amidst the very dunes where Hazrat Inayat Khan had a spiritual vision. The energy was so high and love filled that I took a moment during our outside walking meditation to gather wild flowers to bring back to Ananda. It was also a loving re-gathering for many of us who were at the first meeting in Charlottesville. And of course, the heads of all three of our family’s orders were present, and it was a rare treat and privilege to be present for their prayerful interactions.

There are, in addition, two memories-impressions I wish to share:

One was during lunch one afternoon when Hamida asked to me to lead a grace, and I felt in such an exuberant and uplifted state I could only lead the Calypso Grace. This was well received with all its attendant dancing and shaking and joy. The next morning, Hamida asked Akbar (a Sufi Movement Shiekh from Canada) to lead the grace for lunch. Imagine our delighted surprise when he led the Walt Disney Grace. A sweet and fun memory.

The other event I would like to tell from my perspective. I am aware that others have reported it, but perhaps some more details may help those who were not present to feel more of the spectacular nature of the event itself.

It was the last session, on the third day, and there was to have been a panel discussion. However, the energy was so high and we all were so full, that it was decided to have a closing dance instead. Someone suggested the Blessing Dance, and then we were all in the Temple singing and moving through the steps of the dance. I was standing behind a seated Hidayat & Aziza, singing the song and watching the dance unfold around the room, when Aziza stood up and pulled Hidayat to her. “Let’s dance,” she said. And she pulled him into the moving circle. I was a bit astonished, as his knees preclude his doing any strenuous activity. But there they were dancing and singing and blessing each other and their respective partners. Right about this time, Vilayat came into the room, and someone pulled him into the dance – sorry, I didn’t see whom. Within a few moments the two brothers were approaching each other and I saw Aziza look at Vilayat, and take Hidayat’s hand and bring him right to his brother. With hardly a second’s hesitation, they began the blessings of each other.
May the dance continue.

It is a wondrous picture – watching the two sons of Hazrat Inayat Khan representing the Sufi Movement and the Sufi Order blessing each other within a dance of Universal Peace (aptly named) and inspired by Murshid SAM. I am so proud of our family and its manifestation of Murshid SAM’s statement: “Peace is Power”. Or, my tassawuri: “Making peace through love is powerful.”

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the work done by Shabda, our new Permanent Member. It was a great pleasure to work with him during this meeting, and to observe his loving focus and mastery in action. As you might have heard, amidst all the peace making which was bursting out from every side, I asked Shabda to be present during my meeting with Vilayat. His instructions to me before we began our discussions were to only speak from my personal experiences and my truth. Not only a good psychological tool but also a good spiritual tool.
Thanks Shabda.

I am also very happy to report that this energy carried on into our work at Shneida (in North Germany) where our 17th annual meeting went so well, and was so well received, that many of our European family have decided to make the Lama Pilgrimage to Murshid SAM with us this month.

May the Message of God Reach Far and Wide.

Yours in service to the Real,

Hakim Saul

Charlottesville, Virginia June 1, 2001

This is the New Age in Person

Most beloved of God,

Much love and many blessings from Virginia.

This person is Saul Barodofsky, who was Dr. SAM’s driver and factotum, and was privileged to be present during many of the talks he gave at HOOM, which became the book, This is the New Age in Person. As you might gather, I am still active in the SIRS, and have taken on more responsibility as the years flow by. Hopefully, you are the correct person to address this issue to. So, I shall attempt it.

Firstly, and most important, I am so pleased that you have taken on the re-publication of this important series of talks. It is wonderful to see it in print again, and I applaud your use of the WEB as a vehicle for dissemination.Thank you also for the numerous citations of copyright, the links to the SIRS web site, and the distributing branch of Peaceworks.

However, I am told by some of the Ruhaniat folks (who are more literate than me – I am stricken with dyslexia and have never been able to spell) that your wonderful offering has many glaring mis-spellings. Is it possible to clean this up? It would be most helpful to all those who look for details amidst the big picture, and are distracted by mis-spellings.

On an other matter, I am SO PLEASED that you have re-formed the esoteric work of the HOOM as a new school. As you might know, I was very close to the Order after Dr. SAM’s passing – being their book distributor, and general “friend.”

I have kept track of some of the old family – I am in sporadic contact with the “former” Master Marthelia, and was in contact with Rev. Ben, prior to his passing. Aside from the correction of spelling, I volunteered to write this letter for the SIRS Editorial Board, because I am eager to connect our work again, as it was in the past, and I hope that this might be an opportunity to do so. I am teaching the spiritual walks, which Dr. SAM gave us, in Germany & Eastern Europe, as well as in the USA. In fact, I have incorporated the Symbol of the HOOM as a spiritual walk, amongst the series of the Symbolic Walks.

I hope this can be an opportunity to re-connect our Familial heart-space. Toward this end, may I invite you and any of the family who are moved to attend a 30 year Pilgrimage to Dr. SAM’s grave site – June 24 – 30th (2001) – at the Lama Foundation, above Taos New Mexico. Since he was one of the founders of your order, and the founder of ours, I have always felt that we were one family.

I send you all my love and prayers for a wondrous and Light Filled Easter.

your brother