33 Beads: A Pilgrimage to Murshid S.A.M.

Celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of his passing
Friday July, 9th — Wednesday July, 14th 2004

Dear friends, family, and Lovers of Remembrance.

This years Gathering of the Dervish Healing Order will be at the Lama Foundation. It has been 33 years since Murshid SAM danced out of his body, and it is a fitting time and place to honor and remember the many blessings which flowed through him.

We shall offer a heart-felt spectrum of the many transmissions he so freely gave to us: From “Sufi Dancing” and the Walks of the Prophets, to the “Zikr” of Swami Papa Ramdas, and the Heart Sutra (through Roshi Nogen Sanzaki). There shall be Healing Rituals, the formal prayers of Hazrat Inayat Khan, and the singing of the Zikr of the heart by Sam’s grave site (the Maqbarra). There will be fabulous vegetarian feasting, and, of course, our usual frolicking amongst the new trees.

Teaching Staff are all senior teachers in both the Dervish Healing Order, and the Sufi Ruhaniat International. Many teach and have students world wide.

The fees for this Pilgrimage are only $300. (5 days at $60. per day) —  Staff receive neither reimbursement nor honorariums, and, all monies will go to the Lama Foundation. Lama Foundation is an intentional spiritual community, which Murshid SAM visited twice and where he is buried.

For registration and more information, please contact: Jennifer Avian

See you on the Mountain.

A Sufi Evening of Renewal with Saul in NYC

(please mark your calendar)

Friday, December 19, 2003 7 PM
Towards The One A Sufi Evening of Renewal

Come again and Join Hakim Sauluddin, one of Murshid Sam's original students, for an evening of Praise & Renewal. He will share the illuminated practices of his lineage. Including stories, wazifa, instruction in spiritual healing, and the Zikr ceremony of remembrance.

Murshid Hakim Sauluddin was initiated as a Hakim (spiritual jurist & physician) over 30 years ago. He is a Murshid (senior teacher) in both the Sufi Ruhaniat International, and the International Sufi Movement, and is the Kafayette (Director) of the Dervish Healing Order. He teaches worldwide.

Friday December 19th, 2003. 7 p.m. - There is no charge for admission.

Representing the spiritual lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, a Sufi Master from Baroda, India, who in 1910 brought the Sufi Message of Love, Harmony & Beauty to -the West. One of his early American students was Murshid Samuel Lewis, who in the 1960's became the "Spiritual Leader of the Hippies" in San Francisco. Murshid Sam brought forth Sufi Dancing (The Dances of Universal Peace) amongst his vast spiritual offerings and teachings of Universality.

(Donations are welcomed towards rental of the space at the Sufi Books, suggested amount $5)

— Jean-Pierre

Report: Pan European Camp – June-July 2003

Most beloved of God,

This was the first time that the majority of the Ruhaniate’s “Most Senior Teachers” participated as teaching staff at a European Camp. Even better, we were joined by our Pir, Shabda Kahn. And, most of the Shiekhs/Shiekhas and Kaliphs/Kaliphas from Europe. A very powerful teaching crew indeed.

The scene was very lovely, with good food (too much pork), great cheeses, fine weather, and a wonderful extra large main hall for dancing and our All Camp Classes.

A note of acknowledgment to Saadi for being a masterful “Master of Ceremonies,” to Shabda for holding the post so well, to Fatima for her Darshan (ala Murshid) to the whole assemblage, to Mariam for presenting Frieda’s (and Moineddin’s) work so effortlessly, and to Kamae for her strength and presence. Ya Shakur Allah.

It was wonderful to be with our German and Russian families again (so soon) and, to meet our family from the British Isles. Inshallah! There shall be more interactions.

The one scene that stands out in my heart is the “Russian Room”: Seems that the folks from the former Soviet Union all decided to bunk together – one large room, and about 25 plus folks. A raucous party. It grew so loud one night I went over to ask them to tone it down. I knocked and was pulled into their circle. I immediately had Russian’s all over me, hugging and sitting on me and bathing me is so much love I could only stay and drink it in. Alhamdulliah! Or, as Murshid would have said – “That’ll teach you.”

What with the “high” I experienced from Shneda in May, the juice from this camp put me over the top, and I remained exalted and heart centered all through Turkey. Naturally I bought too many rugs.

I look forwards to seeing you all at next years (2004) DHO Gathering at Mt Home Resort in the No. California Wine Country – June 22 to 27.
2 Swimming pools, great food & frivolity amidst the trees.
Contact: Jennifer Avian

And, Don’t Forget Our Upcoming Events:


September in Prague – DHO Europe – September 12-14
October in Seattle – Murshids Meeting and JAM – October 20-26


February in Shneda – DHO in Europe – February 27-29
May in Shneda – our Jubilee Gathering – Celebrating 20 Years – May 17-23
April in Europe – Ruhaniate JAM (April 9-11) Federation (April 15-17)
June at Mt. Home in Northern California – June 22-27

I send you all my love and blessings –

Yours in service to the real
– hakim saul

Report: DHO Haus Shneda – May 2003

Beloved ones of God,

This past month we celebrated our 19th annual gathering in Germany.  Alhamdulliah!
There were over 100 of us: 80 plus adults, and over 20 children.  We came from Germany, Russia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, and of course the USA.

Kaliph David Dalley (celebrating his 10th year of teaching in Germany) led us in ecstatic dances, Sheikh Aslan Scott Sattler directed the choir, Sheikha Ananda Cronin offered heart sung zikr, and yours truly led us in the spiritual walks.  The Healing Ritual was shared daily amongst the local conductors.    It is heart warming to see the ritual so well established in Germany. Ya Kalbi!

This was a family camp, with mostly returning participants, but there were some new comers.  Its always amazing to me how quickly they adapt to our energy stream.

Each day we had the absent healing ritual, sung zikr, choir, spiritual walks, dancing and a bedtime story.  The response to our evening homework was powerful and very moving.

For the first time we had a woman’s and a men’s meeting.  This was well received and seemingly very needed.  Speaking for the men, more than one adult male expressed deep gratitude in feeling, for the first time, their place as a man amidst the company of other men.  The women created a chalice of energy to sing the zikr of the prophetesses, and then did their walks.  Ya Shakur Allah!  Truly, Murshid Sam’s spiritual walks have found a responsive home in Europe.

One of the many highlights of the gathering was a group phone call to our Godparents Hidayat & Aziza. (With thanks to Puran for the use of his cell phone.)  We sang “Happy Shneda Day to You”.  It was very sweet and very moving. Hidayat is recovering from an operation to his hand, and is doing very well.  Ya Shaffee. Ya Kaffee.

The food, of course, was fabulous.  May is white asparagus season in North Germany, and our fantastic cook (Siggy) outdid himself.  (It’s a lot of work to hand peal asparagus) And the breads, and fresh baked rolls, and the great local cheeses.  Too bad we had to come home.

Inshallah!  When Subhan Michael Spencer photos come out, we look forwards to another great
exhibition on our web site.

And, a very special thanks to our translating staff:  Shemsuddin Jukoff, Kalipha Brita Anapurna, and Ram Dass.  And, very special thanks to our registrar and camp organizers Martin and Bakti Kuchler.  Ya Shakur. Ya Shakur. Ya Shakur.  To you all.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

Alhamdulliah!  Next year is our 20th year of bringing Murshid Sam to Europe.  Our Jubilee Gathering will be in May 2004.  And, don’t forget Prague in September of this year (2003).

I send you all my love and blessings, and my prayer that God grants you the highest manifestation of Gods Plan for you.  May it come soon.

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin

June 7, 2003  Charlottesville, Virginia

Report on the 4th Federation Meeting in Kansas City – April 2003

Beloved one of God,

Like in the Conference of the Birds by Farid ud-Din Attar, this story begins with birds-beings of many worlds gathering to search for the unity taught by their great master Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, the Ideal for which they came together. The (hoopoe) hope and source of Inspiration of this story, who probed them all for the quest many moons ago, is known as Pir-O-Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan, the younger son of Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan.

For a couple of years the Harmony Council met with representatives of three branches (Sufi Movement, Sufi Order and Sufi Ruhaniat International). Moineddin Jablonski arose to the occasion and joined wholeheartedly after Pir-O-Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan opened his heart and offered the healing olive branch publicly at the tomb of Murshid Samuel Lewis at Lama. In turn Moineddin wrote a beautiful letter to the members of the Sufi Order which touched their hearts and they then joined in. Thanks the Sufi Order who participated from the beginning in the Harmony Council, to Pir Vilayat Khan who
attended the Federation meeting in Katwijk and his son Pir Zia Inayat Khan who attended the Federation meetings in Katwijk and The Abode of the Message. Thanks to all of them, this was the fourth annual conference of the “birds” of the Federation of the Sufi Message.

It was late in Kansas City when they arrived on a cool night of April 2003. Hazrat Inayat Khan left this image of unity buried deeply in the trunk of the tree of his lineage. Many branches sprouted out in the years that followed and many more branches sprouted from the initial one. In the years past, birds who flew from the branches representing this beautiful lineage came together in Charlottesville, Virginia; then Katwijk, Holland; the Abode of the Message, New York and now in Kansas City.

One great branch is called the Sufi Movement headed by Pir-O-Murshid Hidayat Inayat Khan. A second one is the Sufi Order headed by Pir Vilayat Khan who will be succeeded by his son Pir Zia Inayat Khan. A third one is called Sufi Ruhaniat International headed by Pir Shabda Khan who succeeded Pir Moineddin Jablonski and Murshid Samuel Lewis.

More birds from other branches were invited as guests and observers. Michael Schouwenar represented Sufi Contact in Harlem, Holland, which has around 150 members. This branch came through the inspiration of Gauwery Voute who passed away at the age of 101. She had been initiated by Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan in 1924. Murshid Elias Amidon represented The Sufi Way in England. This branch came about under the leadership of Murshid Fazal who passed away in his 50’s.

“Throughout the world men separately conceived
an image of its shape, and all believed
their private fantasies uniquely true!”
— Farid ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds

This was their fourth meeting reaching the valley of Unity. They flew back again from everywhere. Shaikha Hamida and Murshid Ameen Carp came from the far away Netherlands. Murshid Nawab braved snowstorms and cancelled flights but he made it anyway, one day late. Others were from California, Virginia and New York, and some from New England and as far away as some island in Washington State. They are all exceptional kind of birds. Zuleikha just coming back from a trip to India and Sri Lanka, gave an outstanding performance of dances and poetry. The next day she led a most beautiful Zikar of remembrance.

“It is a sign of Him, and in each heart.
There lies this feather’s hidden counterpart.
But since no words suffice, what uses are mine
To represent or to describe this sign?”
— Farid ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds

Saturday, April 5 was the first day. After Pir Shabda’s welcoming vision for this meeting, particular attention emphasized networking among small groups to get to know each other and deepen the ties of the one heart. Murshid Wali Ali, one of our great “hoopoe” leaders in the Ruhaniat, a symbol of inspiration, persuaded us to continue our search despite any hardship. Small group meetings focused on recognizing that we all come from the same parent, Hazrat Inayat Khan and on what are the special jewels of our lineage. The Sufi Order guided by the beautiful Devi Tide shared some insight on their work for the message. Devi read a letter by Pir Zia sharing that he was among us in spirit if not in form. That night, Tamam Khan blessed us with her original poetry giving voice to the original women of Islam, wives and daughters of Prophet Mohammed.

The second day we all enjoyed Murshid Nawab’s good humor that led us in contemplation and practices. Small group focused on each person leading the rest of the group in a favorite personal practice. Murshid Amen Carp and International Sufi Movement members led us in an uplifting Universal Worship ceremony. Zuleikha, who danced that evening, also shared stories and poetry with great grace.

The third day celebrated the Urs of Murshida Vera Corda. She was remembered for her focus on youth and she blessed us with the presence of her Great Spirit. Ben Burdick and Karim Baer from California and Daulat Rosdorff from Holland, besides also others, spoke of youth and the need of the day for young people to be attracted on the path. A lively discussion ensued on how we find a balance between getting out the teachings and making Sufi mysticism available without seeming like missionaries. Murshid Saul Barodofsky shared his powerful Allah practice and some great stories including the one when Samuel Lewis taught him to slow down and Murshid Wali Ali led us in the walks of the elements.

“A girl fell in a river – in a flash.
Her lover dived in with a mighty splash,
And fought the current till he reached her side.
When they were safe again, the poor girl cried:
“By chance I tumbled in, but why should you.
Come after me and hazard your life too?”
He said: “I dived because the difference.
Of ‘I’ and ‘you’ to lovers makes no sense –
A long time passed when we were separate,
But now that we have reached this single state.
When you are me and I am wholly you,
What use is it to talk of us as two?”
All talk of two implies plurality –
When two has gone there will be Unity.”
— Farid ud-Din Attar, The Conference of the Birds

In this conference we realized that we need many more coming together to reach Unity. We thought three, now five, may be we need thirty like the simorgh (si means thirty and morgh bird in Persian).

Demonstrating Peace in our family and in ourselves during this fourth conference, we exemplified the word of Murad Samuel Lewis: “I would like to see a peace demonstration where the demonstrators demonstrate Peace.”

Pir Shabda must be commended to have orchestrated getting all these branches and all these birds to sing and dance together, to exemplify love, harmony and beauty in the spirit of unity. True free bird-being longing for the one, are we not all? Everywhere I turn, I see the face of my beloved.

Thanks to all the hawks, sparrows, nightingales, eagles, including one named Allaudin and many others of Kansas City that did such a beautiful job hosting this conference in this very accommodating center.

Next year we shall fly to Holland, the home of the Universal Temple born of the vision of Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan for the Unity of the Religious Ideals.

Yâ Fattâh!!!!! May the power of the one open the doors of the heart.
Peace is power.

Love and blessings,
Jean-Pierre David

DHO Letter

Most beloved of God,

Much love and blessings to you from all of us in Virginia. Much has passed since my last letter: My mother is taking more and more of my conscious attention; in addition, it is an interesting juggling act attempting to keep my travel schedule during this time, and still keep a business solvent.

After a number of phone calls requesting my schedule I decided to print it out.

April 4th to 7th: Kansas City – Federation of the Sufi Message Meeting.
May 8th to 11th: Charlottesville – Mid Atlantic Sufi Camp.
May 26th to June 1st: Shneda Gathering – North Germany – our 19th year
June 15th to 21st: DHO East Coast —> Cancelled
June 28th – July 7th: SRI Europe – North Germany
September 12th to 14th: Prague DHO
October 20th to 26th Murshids Meeting and JAM: Seattle

This is all Inshallah! But, I am hopeful that God allows.

And, a final note on the current war:
It is even more imperative now to manifest Peace within ourselves. Without an inner Peace, how can we offer to the world at large what we ourselves lack? How can we demand from others what we ourselves are missing?

The practice that I strongly suggest is the Maha Mudra – start with the 3 Jannas and move outwards. Not only was this one of Murshid S.A.M.’s offerings to the world, but was used successfully by Wavy Gravy and the Hog Farm to bring Peace to their valley.

The Absent Healing Ritual can and will bring peace to any area that it is preformed in. This is the foundation of doing the Ritual in Places of Great Suffering. It will also open and strengthen the hearts of all those who are themselves open to its blessings.

As the Lord Buddha taught, “Once perception starts evaluating any experience as good or bad, one sees the world in a distorted way because of one’s old, blind reactions,”

I send you all my love and blessings and wish you only Peace within and without.

Yours in Service to the Real,
Hakim Sauluddin
March 31, 2003

2003 Meetings

Dear DHO Family,

I am sorry to say that we must cancel the DHO Gathering this year. There is just too much happening in my life to organize it. My apologies.

However, there is an alternative for those with a taste for travel: Haus Shneida DHO Gathering – May 26th (Monday) to June 1st (Sunday) 2003. The timing is very auspicious, as it is the best time to eat the local white asparagus – we call it ‘spargle’ time – yummy.

The location is in North Germany – between Hamburg and Hanover. The house is fantastic – our Godfather, Pir Hidayat Inayat Khan, calls it Camp Wonderland. Pricing is very moderate. The food is fabulous, as is the setting, location and general ambiance. And wait until you meet our family from Germany, Russia, Holland, and the Czech Republic. You will be welcomed with open arms.

The teaching crew will be: David Dalley (dance), Scott Sattler (choir), Ananda Cronin (sung zikr), Subhan Spencer (photography), Hakim Saul (healing ritual, walks, Zikr Allah).

For more information please contact: Neli & Martin Kuechler

all love and blessings, and again my apologies for this years cancellation – hopefully we shall see you amidst the trees and the greenery

hakim saul

Murshid’s Urs – A Remembrance

Most Beloved one’s of God,

On the 32nd Urse of Murshid S.A.M. I felt moved to share a story from my time with him.

It was on our (Murshid, Mansur, myself & Wuta) trip to see his Uncle Harry in British Columbia, and we had made a number of stops along the way: Mt Shasta, where we just missed Mother Mary, Klamath Falls, where we met Auntie Helen and drove around Crater Lake, and passing through Portland, where he commented that he had always wanted to live in that city but God wouldn’t let him, and onto the Seattle area where we met Samcher Beorse, and where this reminiscence takes place.

It is 1970, and the local Sufi’s had booked a Unitarian Church for a welcoming gathering for him. Do remember that most of the Sufis who were around then were either direct disciples of Hazrat Inayat Khan or came to Sufism at a much earlier time then either Mansur or myself.

So, there we were at the podium, Mansur and me standing close to Murshid and him looking at the audience of mostly older people. Samcher introduces him at Pir-O-Murshid Samuel Lewis, and Murshid went ballistic — “I am a Murshid,” he sputtered. “Only Inayat Khan is Pir-O-Murshid.”

Samcher mumbles an apology, and Murshid starts with the invocation and then led the audience in the prayers Saum, Salat & Khatum.

There was short silence, and then Murshid exploded at them: “You have been doing these prayers for almost 50 years, and you still don’t get it.” He then had Mansur and me demonstrate some of the walks he had taught us, as an illustration of what his current work with young people was all about.

After the meeting — which was very short — we were all standing at the front door of the church talking to Samcher when the people in the audience started coming out and each one took his hand, shaking it and saying what a wonderful sermon he had given. I thought he would have apoplexy on the spot. They still didn’t get it.

Happy Urs Day Murshid

Allah Shakur!

all love and blessings,
hakim saul