DHO Update Report

Dear family,

Our 20th anniversary celebration of the Federation of the Sufi Message just concluded – here in Charlottesville – where it all started 20 years ago. The energy was sweet and the participants were heart filled. Joy abounds. 

We began with a Remembrance Ceremony for those who have passed away this past year, plus some who were both the inspiration and guiding force for this coming together to actually occur. And ended with a healing ceremony for all of our Inayati family. 

Now to prepare for our Summer at Shnede, and our annual DHO gathering. This time at Mt Shasta – June 16-22, 2019. 

Murad has written that Shasta Abby has confirmed our visit and will open their meditation hall for us.  Yummy. And Mary Beth has mapped out our route to Widow Springs. So, it looks as though we are all set to go. 

If you are planning on join us, and haven’t yet registered, please inform Jude soon. There are motel overflows available, but tempis fugit (Time Flies). Early birds get the best spaces. 

All blessings
Hakim Saul uddin

PS – We are confirmed for Friday evening, June 14 at the San Francisco Theosophical Lodge. As previously mentioned, I will be bringing with me, the one physical object that connects Mother Mary, Murshid Sam, and Joe Miller.

809 Mason Street, San Francisco, 94108. Doors open at 6:00 pm.
Meeting starts at 7:00 pm.

Registration info:

If you stay in a motel, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $310. Camp fee includes meals and everything else EXCEPT housing. You will be responsible for booking and paying for your own motel.

If possible, please send your full fee to Jude. You can also reserve your place with a $100 deposit. Please let us know if you have dietary needs (dairy free, gluten free, vegan). If you want dorm housing, there may be some space left in the dorm or you can ask to be on the wait list if we get cancellations. $455. Camp Fee includes on-site housing and on-site meals.

Contact information for the local motels:

  • Hi Lo Motel (Recommended) about ½ mile from college – HiLoMotel.com 530-938-2731
  • Town House motel across street from Hi Lo – 530-938-4431
  • Motel 6 about 1.5 mile north of the college – 530-938-4101
  • At the South Weed exit is a Siskiyou Inn, Comfort Inn and Quality Inn

All DHO staff are volunteers and pay full fees. Left over monies are donated to a local charity.

Questions? Murad (Camp Manager) or Jude (Registrar).

DHO Meeting at Shasta 2019

Acknowledging the Space Between the Dots:
The Metaphysical and Occult Transmissions of Our Lineage

Dear family,

Once again, we will dip into the Occult and Metaphysical portions of our transmission: Prophecy, intuition, inner sight, and the tools needed to train oneself: I Ching, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, and the Bowl of Saki as ‘Openers’.

As we begin our preparations for our Shasta Retreat (June 16-21, 2019), it feels right to remind folks that Murshid Sam and Mother Mary were already connected through Basira and myself, although they had not met on this plane. Later on would come a few more mureeds from Shasta.

Murshid Sam made, in my presence, one of the most remarkable statements I’d ever heard from him: “I will take as my mureeds, any of her students who wish to be initiated.”

He obviously considered her, as we did, to be a deep wellspring of spiritual blessings. And those who were attracted to her as real students on the path.

There are many stories around her, and her relationship to Inayat Khan – through her dear friend Murshida Bhakti Engle. I look forwards to sharing them on the Mountain. And, am sure that Jeff Whittier (Mother Mary’s biographer, holder of her sacred objects and guest presenter at our meeting) has many others.

Along with stories, encounters, practices, rituals, and our long awaited ‘frolicking amongst the trees,’ we shall visit Shasta Abbey. Shasta Abbey was founded by our Godmother, Jiu Kennet Roshi. She and SAM were graduates of the same Buddhist monastery in Japan, and became our Godmother after his passing. We plan to meditate in their fabulous meditation room and do the Prajna Parameta Sutra around her cenotaph along with leaders of Shasta Abbey. We also plan a day trip to the Mountain: Widow Springs and more.

So much to do, and see, and become.

Until we meet again Bodhisatva. See you on The Mountain.

Only love and blessings,
Hakim Sauluddin

SHASTA June 16-21, 2019 – Information for Registration

This year, we will be meeting at the College of the Siskyous in Weed, CA – highly recommended by our local DHO folks.

There will be 2 housing options:

1) On-site housing in the dorms – double rooms with shared bathrooms on each floor. There is a limited number of these rooms available. If you want one, reserve early.
If you stay in the dorms at the college, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $455. Camp Fee includes on-site housing and on-site meals.

2) Off-site housing in a local motel – If you want a single room with your own bathroom, there are a number of motels within walking distance of the college. We will be arranging shuttles from the HiLo Motel to the College for those who need them.
If you stay in a motel, the Camp Fee from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon is $310. Camp fee includes meals and everything else EXCEPT housingYou will be responsible for booking and paying for your own motel.

Please note: all DHO staff are volunteers, and pay full fees. Left over monies are donated to a local charity. 

Contact information for the local motels
Hi Lo Motel (Recommended) about ½ mile from college – HiLoMotel.com 530-938-2731
Town House motel across street from Hi Lo – 530-938-4431
Motel 6 about 1.5 mile north of the college – 530-938-4101
At the South Weed exit is a Siskiyou Inn, Comfort Inn and Quality Inn

If possible, please send your full fee to Jude at 922 Stanyan Street, SF, CA 94117. You can also reserve your place with a $100 deposit. Please let us know if you have dietary needs (dairy free, gluten free, vegan) and if your housing in the dorm has to be on the first floor (no elevators).

Questions? Murad (Camp Manager) or Jude (Registrar)

Report: DHO at Lama 2018

Dear family,

Our Lama pilgrimage is now part of the ‘living history’ of Murshid Sam’s legacy.

Firstly, I am so happy to report that Murshid is alive and present, and vocal.

About 70 of us gathered for our week together, and his blessings were palpable. Alhamdulliah! The Lama community was as gracious as ever, and we felt welcomed and honored.

Five of Murshid Sam’s original mureeds were present:
Siddiq, Mansur, Fawn (Nasima), Surya (Less), and myself

We held 2 formal processions up to the grave site, and did the Absent Healing Ritual there twice. What a rush of blessings.

Ananda was with us – Yeah! – and led deeply touching sung zikr in both the Lama dome, and at the grave site itself. 

So many inner instructions were given: 

I was told to make 3 more Shafayats: Jude Sargent, Michael Endlich and Nazzruddin Eddie Greenberg. And, Siddiq was recognized for his many, many years of unselfish devotion with the title of Vakil (the Guardian). I loved his comment, when asked if he wanted this public or private -“I’ve been doing this for so many years, it might as well be public.”


Nasima came to me to share her instructions from Murshid. She had avoided the grave site, and was working in the kitchen. “He told me to be initiated,” she said. So, I initiated her as a healing conductor, and she will hold that post at Lama.

At our gathering, there were so many of our family who can hold both the inner and outer space, that we opened up the meeting to many presenters:
Although I opened with the first of the Absent Healing Ritual, each morning had a different conductor, ending with our newest initiated conductor. 

Our brother Aslan is undergoing Chemo Therapy, so there was no choir.

With more time to pray together, we increased our regular offerings: 

  • Ahura Grace took over the dance night. and, Ya Shakur! she held the energy very well.
  • Murad led an evening of Sufi Qigong/Healing Zikr that had us extending our fingers of light with wazifa and clearing blockages and pain from our bodies. A number of people reported amazing elimination of pain.
  • Ahura Grace led us in a powerful evening of zikr that was joined by the neighboring Lama community.
  • In addition, our brother Noel Hanuman was feeling too frail for high altitudes and uneven ground, so Richard took over the post of honoring Hanuman, and did a superb job. Ram! Ram! Ram!
  • 1001 Bead Zikr at the grave site (Murshida Mariam),
  • Sufi Qigong 3.0 (Murad),
  • Morning Yoga (Richard),
  • Tea (Siddiq & Sakina),
  • the Kuan Yin Aspect (Sarfaraz),
  • Dream Diving (Azima),
  • The Hidden Jewel in the Amulet (Micheal Endlich),
  • Writing Down the Bones (in honor of Elaine Sutton-Ayesha),
  • Shamanistic Journey (River)
  • Mansur read excerpts from his newest book of memories of what Murshid felt and did in his presence. He is calling it “The Bowl of Saki” – with his commentary and memories following each entry. He remarked that he had so many more memories to share that were not in his book Murshid.
  • And, there were walks
  • Ram Nam
  • The Kali Mantra
  • The Maha Mudra
  • bed time stories, and homework. 
  • Plus a lot of new reminiscences from folks who were with Murshid. I loved Nasima’s story of how she got her name…

We followed Lama’s Friday night Shabbos celebration, with some Hebrew Tassawuri walks, a few stories I recalled from my youth, and then Nazruddin enlivened the evening with Humor as a tool for healing the heart. Funny! as usual. And, better yet, it worked.

Some of the Old Timers came by for a howdy too – Rahaman was a stand out in memory. 

Special Kudos to Murad who oversaw the Pilgrimage – from inception, through planning and into reality, to Jude, who kept us in check and arranged transport and ride sharing, and to Jamil, our Lama contact, who assisted in holding such a welcoming and loving space for us to gather together. Ya Shakur.

We also spoke about our ‘special donation’ to Lama:
Lama is planning on renovating the old kitchen, which is now unusable, and they are raising funds for it. I did not want our donation to go into a large pool, but wanted it to go towards a single specific purpose, as we have done in the past. They want a new entrance door to the renovated kitchen, and donating a door (way) feels so much DHO. I envisioned a blend of design on the outer side – New Mexico and Sufi – and a Zen theme on the inner side – so that when one enters – one is aware of where one is, and when one leaves – one is made aware of leaving the inner, and re-entering the outer (world). I would also love to see a small inscription on the bottom of the outer side –

“Samuel L. Lewis Memorial Doorway to Inner Peace”

Lama has contact with a gifted local woodworker…so it is a possibility. Depending on what he charges, we may have enough in trust to cover it. Inshallah!

Topping it all off, 30 of us joined Murshida Darvesha, on Sunday – the next day – for a celebration of The Dances turning 50 years old. About 125 folks showed up for the afternoon. It was rocking.

Photos of Lama – https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2ld8edpzgpwzi1v/AAB1q3Am2QdZG1xk4OdX5Yxja?dl=0


We are hoping for Mt. Shasta in 2019 – June 16 to 21
Mark your calendars.

Mother Mary. The Great White Brotherhood. The Order of Melchizadek.
Flying Saucers. Widow Springs. The Zen Mission Society. Jiu Kennett Roshi.
Panther Meadows. and so much more of the Esoteric Transmission of our lineage.

The proposed housing is not expensive, and they are happy to work with us on food.

More soon.

Am now resting up at home in Virginia
sending love and hugs

your in Service to the Real
Hakim Sauluddin
Happy Freedom Day – July 4, 2018


2018 Pilgrimage to Lama

Dear ones,

I awoke this morning thinking about Lama and Murshid Sam: I remembered once asking Murshid Sam – ‘What is a Murshid?’

His reply was an instant illumination –

“A Murshid,” he replied, “is someone who knows a step of the dance you have not yet learned. And, they stand in front of you doing this step, so that you can follow it, until you learn it.”
I replied: “and, then, you stand beside them, and watch the one showing them the next step?”
“You got it!” he replied.

This coming June 18-23, we have scheduled a Pilgrimage to honor and remember his life long dedication to the Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty, and the Dances and Walks he brought through to spread this ideal.

Murshid often quoted Al Ghazalli – “God is your lover. Not your jailer.”

Join with us on Lama Mountain as we celebrate his dedication and his transcendent spirit. Register directly with Lama https://www.lamafoundation.org/event/a-pilgrimage-to-murshid-sam-with-the-dervish-healing-order/ (more information below).

After our D.H.O. Pilgrimage, on June 24, we will be joining with Murshida Darvesha, who is leading a 50 year celebration of the Dances of Universal Peace. Such events are planned world wide, but this is the one we will be at.

For our DHO campers, who choose to stay an extra afternoon, the gathering is free (with a donation requested) – dinner on June 23 and brunch on June 24 will be served (with a donation requested).

Camping on June 23 is free; if you are in housing, please pay the regular Lama costs for your room- https://www.lamafoundation.org/about-lama-foundation/general-info/housing-options/

BUT, please register with Lama, so they may have a handle of how many of us there will be on the Mountain. https://www.lamafoundation.org/event/50th-global-anniversary-of-the-dances-and-walks-of-universal-peace/

All monies from our Pilgrimage will go to Lama, as a way of financially supporting Murshid’s resting place.

Ananda and I look forwards to seeing you on the Mountain to honor and celebrate his life and the accomplishment of his mission. In addition, I look forwards to sharing his version of the Maha Mudra – which he first gave on Lama Mountain in 1970 – in the Only Room (in my presence). And, some of his Tassawuri Walks of the Masters, Saints and Prophets.

Once again, please register for both events early, so Lama and we, may know who and how many will attend.

all blessings and love
Hakim Sauluddin

Registration info: $400 for 5 days. Monday dinner-Saturday lunch. Register directly with Lama – online – https://www.lamafoundation.org/event/a-pilgrimage-to-murshid-sam-with-the-dervish-healing-order/ Or by phone-just ask for Stacy, the registrar. Their number is: 575 586-1269.

There may be a few indoor housing options  https://www.lamafoundation.org/about-lama-foundation/general-info/housing-options.

Register early if you want these. Register separately for the 50 year celebration of the Dances of Universal Peace – donation requested. https://www.lamafoundation.org/event/50th-global-anniversary-of-the-dances-and-walks-of-universal-peace/

There are motel accommodations available in Questa, for people who miss out on housing, and can’t tent. Questa Lodge – www.questalodge.com 

Jude has graciously volunteered to coordinate ride-shares. When you register with Lama, contact Jude: judesargent@yahoo.com

Questions, contact Murad – murad1@comcast.net

DHO Gathering – June 18-23, 2017 Portland, Oregon

Dear ones,

This just in from our registrar Jude:

We have a few spaces still available for the June 18-23 DHO Camp.

Available all week:
2 rooms with twin beds that can be pushed together to form a king size bed, nice for couples
Cost (includes 3 meals) $115/day, or $575/week

Available part-time:
2 spaces in  triples-female, Wednesday and Thursday nights are available,  cost: $95/day w/3 meals

2 spaces in a triple-male,  1 for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights,
1 for Wednesday & Thursdays nights cost $95/day w/3 meals

Would be great to fill the camp completely!

xx jude

Please contact Jude ASAP if you want to come.

We would love to see you there.

Love and healing,


Protection and Non-Attachment
Saul’s darshan picture from Murshid Sam, Lama 1970

From Murshid Sauluddin:

As we observe the increasing turmoil unleashed in the past weeks,
I am reminded of Hazrat Inayat Khan in the days just prior to World War One,

and Murshid Sam just prior to and during World War Two.

Both kept their attunement to the Spirit of Guidance alive and active.

The Absent Healing Ritual is the most powerful tool I have yet found to facilitate this attunement.

As it invokes in the ritual:

“Use us as a channel of Thy Love, Life and Light, that we may be more able to serve Thee and humanity.”

Allowing this blessing to flow through us is not only beneficial to our community, but to ourselves, our families and the world in general.

Join with us in Portland, Oregon this June 18-23, as we call upon the Shafia to ‘heal our bodies, hearts and souls,’ and send this highly needed blessing out to the world at large.

We will practice both protection and non attachment, and send these energies out to the world at large.

Protection for our selves, our loved ones, and our planet.

Non attachment to the fear energy being generated by those who want a war of religions.

In addition, our program includes:

Healing rituals, healing for areas, Dances of Universal Peace, Healing Zikr, spiritual walks, Ramnam, recitation of the Heart Sutra, the Confraternity Prayers, opening the heart through singing, Sufi stories, Sufi qigong, tea, yoga, the healing power of laughter, meta-meditation, gems and amulets, home work, bed time stories and more on the Ramayana.

Dates: June 18 – 23, 2017

Place: Alton Collins Retreat Center, near Portland, Oregon
Costs per person includes room and meals:
Double room – $575, Triple room – $475
If you know that you’re coming, reserve early!

$200 or full payment will hold your place.

To register – Jude Sargent
Please send your deposit or full payment to:

Jude Sargent, 922 Stanyan Street, S.F., CA 94117-3807

Please note: all staff pays full fees, and is given no honorarium.
Monies left over will be distributed to a local charity.

DHO 2016 in Oregon

Dear family,

DHO Portland is now a full and happy memory, and we are starting to plan 2016.

As you know, our first choice was to be Lama and Sam’s maqbara.

We have just heard from Lama that the construction (with heavy machinery) will be occurring when we wish to be there, and that there will be both loud noise and restricted access to the maqbara.

Sounds like our timing for our Pilgrimage to Murshid Sam is off by at least a year.

Our second choice was to be Mt. Shasta, but the available group meeting space is highly restricted – with over priced bad food, and un-happy local residents. Also not our preferred venue. Sigh!

Portland, however, is happy to take us back, and their chef is both sweet and makes yummy food.  We also do NOT have to do any Karma Yoga, so the ‘workers’ amongst us can have a real “rest and recuperation” vacation.

Sorry for the lengthy letter, but I wanted to keep you all up on the process, as we spent precious meeting time going over our options.

So, unless Murshid Sam directs us in a different direction it is:

Portland DHO for 2016
Dates: June 19-24, 2016
Costs: double-$575 & triple-$475
Please get your deposit in early to Jude
see Calendar of Events page.

And, thanks God, our support staff will also be the same.

Remember to do your homework for the year.

all blessings and love

hakim sauluddin

Charlottesville, Virginia
July 13, 2015

DHO 2014 at Shasta getting close…

Dear family,

June is upcoming, and we are amidst our preparations for our annual gathering.

This year is on Mt. Shasta, where we will explore our “occult” and “metaphysical” transmissions – June 22 (dinner) to June 28 (lunch) – 6 full days.

Our Theme: Hearing the Inner Voice.

Mt. Shasta is a great place to share the teachings, practices – and Inshallah!  experiences from Murshid Sam, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Mother Mary, and Jiu Kennet Roshi.

To those who may not know the connections between Murshid Sam, Mother Mary, and Jiu Kennett Roshi:

Murshid Sam never met Mother Mary, but honored her, and after her passing, offered to take on All of her students – sight unseen – an amazing offer on his part.

Jiu Kennett Roshi, went to the same monastery in Japan that he did (although at different times).  And when she arrived in the U.S., she had an experience viewing Mt. Shasta, and after querying Sam, he sent me to her.  She became our active God Mother.

We plan on visiting Jiu Kennet Roshi’s Cenotaph at Shasta Abbey, Widow Springs (for the healing waters), and doing Mother Mary’s Heart Meditation at Panther Meadows (on the Mountain).

Costs vary based on where you sleep – $670-$815 ($115 to $140 per night) – more for singles. Staff receives neither reimbursement, nor honorarium, and pays full fees.

To Register: Please make your checks payable to:
Jude Sargent  – 922 Stanyan Street – San Francisco, California 95117-3807

We hope to have a full crew. So make your plans, and register soon.

The sound and power of the River still calls to me.
Looking forwards to our being together once again.

all blessings,
hakim sauluddin

Saul In Scotland

Mastery of Everyday Life:
Sufi Workshop on Breath, Magnetism, Heart and Healing
with Murshid Saul Barodofsky; assisted by Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

September 20-21 — Saturday and Sunday — 10am-5pm
Kirkcaldy, Scotland (nr Edinburgh)

IMG_2414This two-day workshop will include chant, meditation, breath practice, walking meditation, movement and other active tools to help one build magnetism and meet the challenges of everyday life. These tools allow one to become a channel for healing for oneself and others. Practices will be drawn from many world traditions, as it is the Sufi way to see unity in all spiritual paths.

Saul will also share what the Sufis call baraka or heartblessing through his telling of stories about his travels worldwide and his time with various spiritual teachers and healers. Saul is the spiritual director of the Dervish Healing Order and an original student of Murshid Samuel Lewis (1896-1971), the founder of the Dances of Universal Peace. Saadi Neil (author of The Sufi Book of Life) will assist him by sharing some of these circle dances, which raise life energy for self-healing. This is the first UK workshop led by Murshid Saul, who is from the USA.

This two-day, non-residential workshop is open to all and sponsored by the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning (www.eial.org) and the East Scotland Ruhaniat Sufi Community with support from the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace (www.eicsp.org)

Venue: The Old Kirk in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Kirkcaldy is just north of Edinburgh, easily accessible by bus or rail. The Old Kirk is situated within easy walking distance from bus or rail stations. We can recommend local B&Bs close to the venue. Access is from Kirk Wynd (KY1 1EH) or Church Lane (KY1 1BG). Please check the venue website for details of disabled access and parking: www.kirkcaldyoldkirktrust.org.uk

Please register in advance with Nataliya or Neil (info@eial.org). A deposit of £50 will secure your place. Contact us for bank details and payment arrangements. Suggested donation for the weekend is £140/101 concessions, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

For more information contact: Nataliya or Neil: info@eial.org. Tel. 0131-208-1331 (message)

DHO 2014 at Shasta

Our Magical Mystical Tour: The DHO on Mt Shasta-Part 2

June 22 (dinner) to June 28 (lunch) – 6 full days
Stewart Mineral Springs, Mt. Shasta, CA
Theme: Hearing the Inner Voice

2014 is upon us. Amidst the frozen pipes and fallen trees there are the beginning signs of Spring and Renewal.

 DHO-2014-ShastaOnce again we can look forwards to a daily Bowl of Saki retreat concentration; Absent Healing Ritual; zikr; mantra; laughter as healing; amulets and gemstones as healing tools; Sufi Qi Gong; yoga; tea; choir; dance & walks; Sohbet; rituals – both traditional and inspired; Sufi Stories; Home Work; and more R & R time together.  We are hopeful that we will be blessed with Hanuman’s presence.

PLUS all the Mountain trimmings:
Mother Mary, The Great White Brotherhood, & Flying Saucers.
With visits to Shasta Abbey (our God Mother Jiu Kennett Roshi’s cenotaph is there),
Widow Springs (for healing waters), and
Panther Meadows (X marks the spot for manifestations of the Brotherhood)

Costs vary based on where you sleep –
$670-$815 ($115 to $140 per night) – more for singles

Staff receives neither reimbursement, nor honorarium, and pays full fees.
Please make your checks payable to Jude Sargent
922 Stanyan Street – San Francisco, California 95117-3807
We hope to have a full crew. So make your plans, and register soon

DHO 2013 at Lama Foundation

DHO – Lama – 2013

Feeling the Presence of the Spirit of Guidance


 “Till we meet again Bodhisatva”

Dear family,
Hope to see you all soon.
Our annual gathering is upcoming:
Dates:  June 17 (Monday) to June 23 (Sunday)
Place:   Lama Foundation – New Mexico
Theme:  Feeling the Presence of the Spirit of Guidance.
As we prepare to visit Murshid Sam, here are a few things to consider: What success in this past year can you attribute to his teachings and guidance?  What have you mastered, and what are you still working on?  What has been your greatest trial, and what has been your greatest self discovery?  What brings him closer to you, and what brings on the feelings of separation?

Program:  Zikr at the Maqbara, Murshid Sam’s version of the Mahamudra, dancing, walks, chants, tea, Sufi Qi Gong, stories of our lineage, Shabbos, the Absent Healing Ritual, yoga, Ram Nam, Sohbet, bed time stories, home work, dream work, laughter as healing, amulets and gems, choir, and so much more.

Teachers: Hakim Saul Barodofsky, Ananda Cronin, Aslan Scott Satler, Rabbi Pam Frydman, Sarfaraz Cathy Knight, Murad Malvin Finkelstein, Eddie Greenburg, Michael Endlich, Siddiq & Sakina Von Briesen, Richard Mann

Register directly through Lama Foundation
(575) 586-1269

Base Costs: $400 for all 6 days / or $70 per day
plus additional housing cost (depending on accommodations)
Please note:
Staff receives neither reimbursements, nor honorarium, and pays full costs.
All proceeds benefit the Lama Foundation.

For further information or if you want to ride share (either needing a ride or offering) contact: Jude
SAM photo



As we witness the constant shifting on today’s world stage, it becomes apparent that we are amidst a growing disaster scenario.  The peacemakers are being targeted for death; the people of good will are being shunted off to the back of the room in silence, and the hate mongers and ‘incendiaries’ are creating, and directing angry and frustrated mobs.

This is the time to sharpen our focus on Healing and Peace.  The Absent Healing Ritual is a wondrous tool given us by Hazrat Inayat Khan.  Let us use it, or rather, allow it to use us as “Thy wisdom chooseth,” to counter hatred and distortions with Love and Light and the laughter of true Joy.As you read this, take a moment and breath Peace to all the troubled areas of the world.  I hope to do Murshid Sam’s version of the Mahamudra at his Maqbara this June.  Please begin your preparation for this practice now.

All blessings and see you on Lama Mountain
hakim sauluddin